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A Free Course in Meditation 

If you have tried to meditate but failed to be consistent, or, if you have never tried at all, watch or listen to this free course for powerful and effective ways to establish a regular meditation practice. 

In this recent webinar with the MICH student Meditation Group, we looked at ways of keeping ourselves motivated and consistent in our meditation practice. We looked at how to convince the resistant part of ourselves: our Ego. We must get our ego onboard for meditation, otherwise it will never happen. 

There are two documents that were shared with with group, which are attached to this blog. The first document is on Journalling, preparing for meditation, and how to handle distractions. The second document describes the steps that will be experienced during the meditation. Open up the documents so that you can follow  the discussion in the first part of the audio and video versions of the presentation.

Journalling & Distractions

Steps & Stages

How to Make the Most of your Meditation Practice

 The essential 4 steps and 3 initial stages to achieve the wonderful results that come from Meditation 
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A Free Course in Meditation
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What our Students Tell Us

With each exercise and mentorship session, I continue to gain new insight regarding how I move through life. Collectively, these experiences have offered glimpses into what true acceptance feels like (pretty amazing). I am truly grateful to the entire MICH community for helping me to see that I was actually resisting sacredness through expectation. I am very much looking forward to continuing the journey with you all!

~ Jennifer Duncan (Level One)

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