Nourishing Your Soul

“The Eye of Contemplation is naturally activated when we adopt an attitude of open, curious awareness that is content to “be with”; without wanting to push through, rush or possess, know, comment, analyze, or judge.”

We’re nourishing our soul every time we choose to enter into, be touched, captured and fascinated by everyday objects: even the most common, and unseen.

We’re fully present when we allow ourselves to be touched by the everyday rather than trampling it. We’re fully alive when we’re sensitive and present to all the things we’ve stopped looking at, the everyday things that have stopped attracting our attention. When we can cherish their gentleness; surrender to their quiet presence in the corner; we can then understand that they can be sources of calm quiet, slowness and permanence. It’s then that we can marvel at, and experience an infinitely expanded gratitude for the secret connections to all the forces of nature and humans who made their existence possible.

It’s just too easy to fall into a purely material, horizontal, flatland existence. Luckily, our soul is always trying to get our attention: sometimes through strange dreams so that we will wake up to the fact that we are asleep and become lucid, not only in our sleep, but also in the day.

Or any of its other signals: physical pain symptoms, insomnia, anxiety… feeling stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, or inadequate; as well as depressed or lonely. They’re all requests, or invitations to nourish our soul more consciously, and more often, by making more opportunities for more moments of awe.

Moments of awe are made more accessible when we are looking at the world with our inner Eye of Contemplation, which occurs spontaneously when we’re not limiting ourselves to our physical and rational “eye”. The Eye of Contemplation is naturally activated when we adopt an attitude of open, curious awareness that is content to “be with”; without wanting to push through, rush or possess, know, comment, analyze, or judge.

The Eye of Contemplation is engaged when we are internally being with the essence of what is, even though we are actively moving about and doing things.

But how do we access this state in the midst of our busy and noisy lives? How do we allow this dimension to emerge while we are busily doing things?

The obvious answer is “find time to meditate”. But, amidst the tumult of everything and everyone that solicits our attention, and the blinding shimmer of getting things done or being perfect, we are constantly distracted and held captive by a web of external and seemingly urgent demands.

If we try to meditate when we are in that state, we find that our minds are caught in circular ruminations, anxiety or boredom. We only want to escape back to the external racket of a soulless world.

What I propose is a way of switching from robotic doing (with the Default Mode network running the show) to a “being while doing” mode.

The following 8 steps can help you move away from chaotic chatter and robotic action to the quiet meaningfulness and greater wholeness and well-being that seeing with the eye of contemplation offers, even while we are busily occupied.

1. Release thoughts of the past and future

Set your intent to be fully present. The intent to sink below the tumult of thought, to the quiet deep stillness of awareness. Release your obsessions with the past and the future by looking up at the sky and inviting all future potential and possibilities to flow into your heart. Then look down at the earth where the past resides and allow all the wisdom of past generations to flow into your body and your heart.

2. Be with the breath, be with the body.

Be with the breath, becoming aware of being breathed, and of the gentle subtle movements associated with the in breath and the out breath. Be with the body and all its sensations

3. Close your eyes for a brief moment

Close your eyes for a brief moment and listen to the sounds around you, feeling how they move through you. Hearing is happening, always happening. Awareness is always aware even if we are distracted by thought.

4. Notice when you’re thinking. Become aware of feelings and emotions.

Notice when you’re thinking something, become aware of thinking when it occurs. Remember that you are not your thoughts. Become aware of feelings and emotions, breathe into emotions, noticing their presence. Recognize, too, that you are not your emotions.

5. Simply breathe and notice how the mind uses sensations

Breathe and just notice how the mind uses sensations, feelings, emotions and thoughts to take you away from the breath, without wanting to change anything or do anything about it.

6. Shed all forms of wanting (to change or do something about your thoughts, emotions)

Shed all forms of wanting, will, seeking, reasoning, action. Just be aware that you are alive here and now.

7. Fully notice that you’re alive

Now, fully notice that you are alive. Be aware that this moment is unique, a miracle, snatched from death and nothingness. Discover the subtlety and diversity of all the sensations you feel: the colors, shapes, textures, smells and sounds. Invite the world in, revel in the ordinary. Be still, be empty in your actions, your doing, not filled with intentions or memories of other actions.

8. Enter into, be touched and fascinated by everyday objects

Your everyday duties and actions can be doorways to the incredible miracle of life. Respect, pay tribute, and honor even inanimate things, whose mute existence and unnoticed beingness can become the source of that mysterious, wordless, infinite rapture.

For example, while doing the dishes, visualize everything and everyone involved in getting the dish and the sponge into your hands at this moment, all abandoned and forgotten, except by you, right now.

You don’t have to go or do anything special to experience a wonderful moment of awe. Your soul will be so happy you did.

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