Popular Diets, the Microbiome and your Health

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In these audio and visual presentations Carla Marcelis, MICH co-director and teacher, MICH homeopath, Naturopath, Holistic Practitioner, and researcher with over 30 years clinical experience, shares her profound understanding of the human body, digestion and the microbiome in particular, to equip you to be able to discern the claims of popular diets, herbs, and supplements, and empower you to design a personalized, sustainable diet that will optimize your health and your bodyweight for the rest of your life.

Find answers to questions such as:

1. What is true and what is false in the claims made by popular diets and supplements?
2. What kind of diet is good for you? – High protein? Low carb? Vegetarian? Vegan?
3. What happens when you change your diet?
4. Why is it important to become aware of your reactions to foods?
5. How can you change your reactions to foods?

“You are what you eat” is an old saying and they didn’t know how true this was all those generations ago. The secret for this truth lies with the microbiome. It is not an exaggeration to say that we humans are alive thanks to an intricate collaboration and synchronicity with the microbial world. First of all, there are the mitochondria, ancient bacteria that entered single cellular life forms via phagocytosis and permanent endosymbiosis some 1.45 billion years ago. This astonishing event allowed for complex life to evolve with the mitochondria performing many essential tasks for the cells. On top of the mitochondria, life on earth couldn’t exist without microorganisms. And as humans, we have about 30 trillion of them living symbiotically in and on our bodies and performing many tasks.

Although the environment within the womb is almost sterile, the infant’s microbiome grows and develops from the moment of birth and plays a crucial role in the infant’s developing immune system. All through life, the microbiome is responsible for part of our digestion and even the production of certain vitamins. In the past decades, research into the microbiome has revealed its important role in health and disease and even in the management of weight. When we eat, we are not only sustaining our own health but also that of the microbiome and through the gut-brain connection, it is suggested that microorganisms in our microbiome can determine what food we are attracted to, and how much energy is being taken out of your food. The bacteria can manipulate the host’s own genes, triggering biochemical pathways that store fats in the liver and muscles, rather than metabolizing them.

We are what we feed our microbiomes and it is time that we listen to their little cries for help in our Western world, where healthy microbiomes are threatened by our diets and lifestyles.

Did you know that homeopaths have been treating the microbiome for more than a century? Doctors Bach and Patersons created bowel nosodes and used them therapeutically based on their observations of people around the buffet table. You will learn more about these homeopathic helpers in Part Two.

As you listen to Part One of this two part series, you will:

Learn how to engage your microbiome to address our weight and health.
Explore the elements that are KEY to creating a SUSTAINABLE diet.
Discover the importance of a LIFE-STYLE change and not just a dietary one.
Find out how to use homeopathy for lasting change and improved health.

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The Microbiome and your Health

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