Taking the Next Step in Your Spiritual Growth

What is the Next Step?

Have you tried out our FREE Ego Alchemy 7 part process?                                                     Why not take the next step in your spiritual growth?

Journeying and Meditation practice are the first steps. The next step is to integrate consciousness shifts into your daily life and most importantly, into your organism as a WHOLE.  It has to be a complete body-mind integration in order for your shifts to root themselves and transform your daily experience. 

Ego Alchemists bring you through an individualized process to help trigger a powerful self-healing and self-realization transformation. Ego Alchemy is based on an in-depth understanding of consciousness, and how consciousness manifests in the physical body, via quantum organelles such as the mitochondria in every cell. It is the catalyst that will  bring your meditation and your spiritual growth to a new level.

Via our Noumedynamic Method, Ego Alchemy utilizes the quantum properties of homeopathic medicines to signal the mitochondria directly, and change how consciousness is manifesting through your mind and body every moment of your life. 

It is a fascinating approach that reveals the energetic under layer of your thoughts, emotions and reactions. You will come away with an energetic understanding of how you are “moved” through life, and how you move through life. You are literally exploring the  unique way your life force animates your body-mind organism as a whole. You will be able to bring deeply unconscious conditioning and reactions to light –  and be provided with a powerful tool to transform them. 

So take the next step in your spiritual growth and make an appointment with an Ego -Alchemist today. 

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About Judyann McNamara, DHOM, N.D., DHP

Originally a physicist and biomedical researcher (biophysics), Judyann has had a clinical practice for over 25 years, has held conferences since 1984 and has been a teacher of courses in physics, science, health, holism and spirituality since 1975. She is a Homeopath with classical unicist training, a Naturopath, and the founder of MICH.

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