The Energetic Pattern Underlying Chronic Stress

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Audio Presentation of the Energetic Pattern of a Case

This interesting case of a 46 year old female, who presented with fatigue, and migraines, demonstrates a process over two years with monthly follow-ups initially then follow-ups every few months as the vitality and positive changes unfold. Her other complaints were: Insomnia, unable to sleep without OTC medication; Allergies – antihistamines daily, sneezing, crying; Constipation for many years, OTC medication. Migraines can last 3 days and are debilitating. Frequency is 3x per month. Difficulty focusing, forgetfulness.

This case, presented by Homeopath, MICH teacher and clinical supervisor, Adam Fiore is illustrative of the MICH Method.  Adam demonstrates how our listening and experiencing of the energetic pattern reveals the underlying chronic stress to be addressed. This requires the practitioner to be open to the client’s process rather than have a solution-focussed agenda. The MICH Method of case-taking teaches (and challenges) the practitioner to listen, feel and experience the subjective inner pattern of another human being from a place of inner stillness. In this approach, we allow the client to guide the session, allowing them to start whatever seems most pertinent to them

“Keep in mind that the client is ultimately leading the way and only they hold where the process is going and what the endpoint will be. The homeopath only acts as a catalyst and guide along the process” (Judyann McNamara)

The client brought up nervousness and stress spontaneously, elaborating with:
“As a child I was a bit insecure. But I was an excellent student. But I was always over-worried. For example tests and exams, I was nervous I would fail. I was always doing homework. Actually, I remember my migraines started around tests and exams. I was so nervous to fail. I was afraid of my mom. I had to do my homework perfectly, she was always pushing me.”

Again spontaneously, she revealed the Mind-Body confluence point, where we see a relationship between the physical symptoms and mental themes: her migraines are directly related to the themes: fear of failure, insecurity and nervousness. continue to fill out the whole dynamic around these themes.

Further inquiry revealed that her health problems, nervousness and worry began with the grief of the loss of her father and brother. Her inner experience (sensation) of the grief was: shock, shattered, nothing left, but no tears.

In analyzing the case, we begin with what is most individualized and dynamic, in particular what is experienced inwardly, not outwardly. The sensations she experiences (shock, shattered, nothing left, but no tears) correspond to the sensations and energy of the Loganiaceae plant family in Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s Schema.1

All homeopathic provings of the plants in the Loganiaceae family have the following sensations in common: shocked, ruined, shattered, so sudden as to paralyze the person, disappointment, ailments from shocking news. Related to these sensations are the emotions of sadness, and silent grief, with the inability to weep.

Some rubrics that reflect the sensation of the Loganiaceae family are:
Ailments from; bad news (complete)
Ailments from; death; child, of a (complete)
Generalities; torn to pieces, shattered pain as if (Boenninghausen)

Outcome: after 1 month
● 60% amelioration – GI symptoms (constipation, digestion in general) and 100% amelioration of bloating ; no OTC needed for constipation
● Migraines – only need OTC one time, 50% amelioration
● Sleep – slightly better, 25% amelioration
● Client making connects re: stress and constipation
● Client shared that she became more conscious of old resentments
(ie. old relationship issues) and was feeling better overall emotionally.

Outcome: After 12 months and continuing
The client continued to ameliorate overall. Vital energy is much ameliorated. All initial physicals ameliorated. In her words: “I am doing very well, my digestion is fine now. The allergies are better too”.
“Before (homeopathic treatment) I was experiencing migraines almost monthly, sometimes even 2 or 3 times a month! Now, the frequency has decreased to only once every 2 or 3 months…”. Further, she noted that if they occur they are much less debilitating.

 Listen to the recording of the presentation to find out how this was done and for more details. 

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The Energetic Pattern Underlying Chronic Stress.
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Adam Fiore

About Adam Fiore, DHOM, N.D., DHP

Adam is a professional member of l’Association RITMA and an intern member of the National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths (NUPATH).

Adam completed his homeopathic training at The Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy, with additional training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Yogic healing arts. He is a certified Homeopath and Naturopath with prior certification both as an Acupressure therapist and Yoga instructor. Adam’s primary modalities include classical homeopathy and naturopathy (botanical supports and natural nutrition).

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