What is True Healing?

What is True Healing?

Healing is not simply a process of gathering information. Healing is a living process that involves all of our being: body, mind, emotions and soul – as a whole. It is a process that requires our full engagement, our full presence and depth of understanding. It is helpful, and often essential to have the support and guidance from a holistic practitioner who can help us explore dimensions that are rarely revealed in conventional settings, so as to maximize the full power of the vital force.

Uprooting the obstacle to cure

Research has now established what traditional healers have always known:  that in chronic disease there is a stuck pattern with obstacles preventing the organism from functioning optimally and being whole… from healing. Chronic disease is a struggle with a stuck pattern; a struggle that expresses itself in symptoms.

One or more of those obstacles forming part of the pattern, can be, by chance, displaced or suspended by something more powerful and engaging. There are thousands of examples of dramatic faith healing, placebos, visualizations, EFT, tapping, Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy, shamanism, energy work, reiki, healing touch, a radical change in diet or lifestyle that have suspended or uprooted the stuck pattern just long enough for natural healing to occur.

For example, a radical change in diet might just happen to eliminate a substance wrought with symbolic importance, a symbolism most likely unbeknownst to, or not known consciously by the person. When they cut that symbol out of their diet, they could be unknowingly, but effectively, uprooting an anchor of the whole pattern of disease to which it is attached, and which is preventing healing.

Identifying and exploring the whole pattern

MICH holistic practitioners, however,  don’t leave anything to chance. We know how to help our clients explore and fully identify the whole pattern. We call it the Noumedynamic method, a specific form of inquiry which reveals the whole picture, and with it, the root cause underlying all the symptoms and distress of disease.

By getting to know and explore what is going on, now, in the present moment, in the body, in the mind and in the emotions, and what has gone on recently, we are able to see a complete pattern that runs through the individual’s life.

Through the exploration of what is here and now in terms of symptoms, sensations, attitudes, beliefs, we uncover images and what things represent to that individual. Everything holds the possibility of symbol – an individual we love or hate, a food or drink or substance that we are addicted to, or allergic to, or feel we require, or crave. (link to the blog articles below)

Our feelings and attitudes towards these representations in our lives affect how we hold ourselves, move, breathe, and grow. We engage in a fascinating exploration that goes into successively deeper layers, one that explores sensations and images way beyond the emotional or psychological levels usually encountered in therapy. It is a transpersonal, symbolic level only attainable through contemplation and the suspension of all our beliefs, ideas and concepts.  (See the link to the blog article on The MICH Method – Chronic Disease and Perceived Stress below)

The stuck pattern is unique for each individual.  Every exploration is unique. We only know to follow the thread that moves towards what is global in all areas and stages of that individual’s life.  It takes experience and practice to know how to allow the pieces to come together into a coherent whole.

The process uncovers what stresses the individual, what they are susceptible to on all levels, the images they hold of themselves and others, and what they strive for, the conditions they have set up for themselves and others, the expectations. It is a complex pattern with a central theme around which the pattern is built, which gives it a feeling of stability and a sense of permanence. It is that pattern which is the obstacle to cure. Once the pattern is revealed, the individual gains insight and understanding of their unique disease process, of how they can address stress in their lives and be more in tune with their bodies and soul.

The pattern is matched to a similar pattern in nature, as revealed by the homeopaths and doctors who have experienced the changes in themselves after taking these energy  remedies. Through hundreds of years of understanding of the symbolism of the body and individuals’ experiences in cured cases, we have come to an understanding of the remedies that brings out the whole pattern.

In this way we are able to pick a remedy that energetically matches the vital field of the individual. The signal of the remedy is picked up by the mitochondria of every cell. As the mitochondria produce and maintain the vital field, receiving the right signal helps the mitochondria dissolve the pattern that is stuck and allow for maximum energy flow through the vital field, optimize its functioning.

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This Week's Holistic Exercise

Set aside 5 minutes of quiet time to reflect on your experience or understanding of healing.

Recall a time in your life when you experienced a healing of yourself or witnessed it happening to another.

• What would you say got suspended in order to allow that healing to happen?
• What belief got displaced or uprooted?

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Judyann McNamara, DHOM ND DHP CCH

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