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Supporting the Shift from Summer to Fall

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other ancient medical systems teach us to move with the seasons. Specifically, TCM views with great importance the transition from the active and outward pouring energy of the Fire element (summer) to the more inward moving energy of the Metal (fall) and Water (winter) elements. Soup and stews, baked fruits,[…]

Freedom from Severe IBD

I was the MICH Intern Clinic supervisor for student homeopath Roberta Vienneau’s case of a 21-year-old client who presented with Irritable Bowel Disorder, food sensitivities, severe cramps, gas and diarrhea. As a toddler, he had had kidney cancer resulting in the removal of a kidney and radiation treatment.  The young man was friendly, open and[…]

Immune System TLC

The start of the school year and the approach of cooler weather require our organism to adapt to the changing environment. This adaptation process has an impact on the immune response, and so brings up the question of how to stay healthy throughout the fall and winter seasons. Maybe this is the first time that[…]

Homeopathy for Sunburns and Heatstroke

Too much sun can be a problem. A famous Quebec poet and song writer shared the sentiment perfectly: our oh so short summers interspersed by winters that are much too long. When the summer finally arrives in Quebec, we all want to benefit from the brief season and take in the maximum of sunshine. Doesn’t[…]

6 Remedies to Banish Summer Bug Bites

Now that the warmer weather has finally arrived in these regions, we can start to take advantage of the outdoors. Summer is just around the corner and maybe you are planning to go camping or spend time in cottage country. Just as we take full advantage of that short, but intense, summer season, so do[…]

From Containment to Expansion – A Case of Asthma and Fatigue

As Tamara walked into the office, I noticed how tired she looked. She had her 2 1/2 year old toddler with her who she was still breast feeding. He is her third child and she gave birth to him at age 40. Her older two are now teenagers. She had been very happy when she[…]

5 Things to Know Before You Do a Spring Cleanse

As the warm weather approaches and thoughts turn to shedding our winter coats and boots, we often approach our diet with the same attitude.    Here are 5 things to know before you do a spring cleaning of your diet this year: 1 – A general cleanse or detox is not for everyone! Believe it or[…]

Adapting to Fall Weather

Well, we may not be ready to give in to it, as can be seen by those who are still wearing shorts and sandals, but the cooler weather is here and our organisms are needing to adapt to this change. We are already getting calls for help from people and especially children with colds. Children[…]

A 7 year old steps beyond fear

Julia Thompson reports on a 7 year old boy who was unable to sleep in his own bed. He came on the request of his mother.  He is a gregarious boy with a good sense of humor, yet sensitive, experiencing violent thoughts, fearing pain and accidents, afraid at night, and having nightmares. During the 2 case[…]

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