Is Your Paradigm Shift Turning You Inside-Out?

“Which part do you disagree with? The steps in the proof? Or the conclusion? If you agree with every step of the argument, but the conclusion leaves you angry or uncomfortable, it might be time to reconsider your worldview, not reject the argument.” — Seth Godin How are you doing with your paradigm shift? I’m a MICH-trained homeopath[…]

A Chronic Sinusitis Success Story

A happy client tells how homeopathy helped not only her own health, but her partner’s also, and he didn’t even come see me.  Talk about side benefits! Soon after her consultation with me a few weeks prior, a client sent me an email letting me know of her experience.  I had given her an individualized[…]

Panic relief for a 5-year-old

Janik Tremblay helped a five-year-old girl who had started to panic ever since she had been witness to a major water leak at home. Before the water leak, all her things were always done and in order, she took care of others, never forgot anything and made sure that others didn’t either, she was close to[…]

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