How to Work with Our Emotions

  One of the ways we can get stuck in an addictive cycle is by becoming attached to our emotional states, and using them to feed us in a particular way which reinforces our personal story or sense of self.  This can help us to stay stuck in a loop that is very hard to get[…]

Preparing for Family Dynamics this Holiday Season

As we approach the holiday season, most of us look forward to spending time with our families and loved ones. However, such intensive family time can come with its own challenges! The people in our families mean a lot to us, usually more so than other people we know less intimately, and so we can[…]

Homeopathic Listening

Classical homeopathy, also called unicist homeopathy, refers to addressing the whole of an individual, the totality of symptoms, with a single homeopathic remedy at any one time. The single remedy most suitable to the case is the one that most closely resembles what is unique in the individual’s experience. This remedy is called the similimum. Experienced[…]

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