Nourishing your soul

Science of Awe

What is the science of awe? How do moments of awe contribute to better immune response, lower inflammation and lower stress response? The whole purpose of the Noumedynamic (moved by soul) Model used at MICH is to understand the incredibly powerful role that our egos play in both healing and creating disease. We can attribute[…]

Decipher Your Heart’s Messages

Decipher Your Heart’s Messages There is a reason why heart disease and depression are so prevalent in our society: we don’t know how to listen to our heart! We began to explore how to listen to your heart’s knowing in ‘Following the Wisdom of your Heart’ which you can find in our free e-training archive.[…]

Finding Meaning

We live in a fast-paced world of instant gratification and quick fixes and it’s taking its toll on our souls. Our souls are nourished by love, connection, meaning, truth and beauty.We are inwardly moved by the works of true artisans who, through years of devotion, have mastered a discipline that allows them to skillfully extract[…]

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