Quiz 1-20

Something missing in current medical practice

A growing trend and interest in complementary and alternative medicine has required traditional medical schools and practitioners to look more seriously at integrative medicine which would include alternative and holistic intervention. Mainstream medicine is opening up to integrative health because there’s a growing awareness of something missing in a single branch of medicine. If you[…]

What does HOLISTIC medicine really mean? (An exercise in holistic health)

When you hear the word holistic, what comes to mind? Meditation, yoga, herbology, natural or organic food? Body-mind? Body-mind-soul? In your understanding does a holistic practice mean restoring your life to the way it was, or does it involve, something new, a change or evolution, a greater “wholeness” in your experience of life? Very few[…]

Introduction to Noumedynamic Awareness (1 of 5 in our welcome series)

Opening holistic awareness within ourselves involves developing dimensions of consciousness that are not ordinarily used in everyday life. These dimensions are more akin to contemplation and meditation. The exercises we propose in this series (and throughout our e-training, online courses and our programs) will help to free conditioned thought patterns, and expand perception.

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