Quiz 40-60

Compassion or Over-Care

For people who care deeply for others, it is often difficult to distinguish between balanced care and over-care. Over-care is misconstrued as affection, compassion, care-taking or empathy. An example of over-care is worry. Does worrying really do anything for someone else? Worrying does however, take a toll on your own health: causing stress, anxiety, aging,[…]

Winter Solstice

Connect with your inner stillness this holiday season During this season, the rising of the sun echoes the birth of light after having been plunged into darkness. Since earliest times, throughout all traditions, the winter solstice represents the birth of spirit: the awakening to the sacred, the holy, the whole. The yearning for the contact[…]

How to Treat your Plants Using Homeopathy

Are you a plant lover? Do you have a vegetable garden, a flowerbed or a certain tree that you love? Do you want to grow healthy food for your family, or care for your favorite potted plant if it is not thriving well? Have you ever used homeopathic remedies to care for your plants? As[…]

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