Quiz 60-80

Why is self rated health so essential for a holistic practice?

What does science say is the most reliable indicator of health?  You may be surprised to discover that how you rate your health is more reliable than any other diagnostic tool.     Research shows that “Self-rated health (SRH) — a person’s subjective evaluation of his general health — is a more valid and powerful[…]

Life is Light

This meditation is the first in a series called Ego Alchemy.   Ego Alchemy, the transformation of the ego from a trouble-making, disease-creating impediment into a powerful ally of the soul, is the most important work we do at MICH. We hold the potential, through homeopathy, to help trigger the powerful self healing processes that[…]

Decipher Your Heart’s Messages

Decipher Your Heart’s Messages There is a reason why heart disease and depression are so prevalent in our society: we don’t know how to listen to our heart! We began to explore how to listen to your heart’s knowing in ‘Following the Wisdom of your Heart’ which you can find in our free e-training archive.[…]

The Body as Symbol for your Holistic Health – The Ankles

By understanding the body as symbol, you can begin to explore the subtle energy flows through your body and the impact on your holistic health.   A deeper awareness will then let you gain insights through body-mind connections that bring to light the unconscious inner dynamics that restrict your full potential and expression. You will also[…]

Essential Meaning

This post is the latest in our free online e-training series, which provides weekly reminders of the reality of greater wholeness, the majesty and wonder of life, and moments of awe.  Subscribing just takes a moment – click here to start your paradigm shift. Essential Meaning Life is more than material “stuff”, we are so much[…]

The Renaissance of Homeopathy

Dr. Hahnemann would be pleased to know that two centuries after his discoveries and research, homeopathic medicine is being proclaimed the leading edge, natural medicine of the third millennium. Today, homeopathy is the most widely used form of alternative medicine in the world, supported by the World Health Organization (1), which claims that approximately 500[…]

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