A New Model for Understanding Homeopathy

At last week’s Canadian Homeopathic Conference held in Toronto, Judyann McNamara and Iris Bell unveiled some of the latest research that could explain the depth and globality of homeopathic intervention. Researchers are uncovering the details of systemic biological mechanisms capable of responding to the signalling provided by homeopathic remedies. Dr. Iris Bell, PhD (Harvard, magna[…]

The Renaissance of Homeopathy

Dr. Hahnemann would be pleased to know that two centuries after his discoveries and research, homeopathic medicine is being proclaimed the leading edge, natural medicine of the third millennium. Today, homeopathy is the most widely used form of alternative medicine in the world, supported by the World Health Organization (1), which claims that approximately 500[…]

Mitochondria: The Bridge from Biological to Energetic

Mitochondria are of particular interest to homeopaths who have sought the biological mechanism that can explain the depth and globality of homeopathic intervention, and the multiple actions of the homeopathic remedy on the organism as a whole. Homeopathy works on the entire organism, similar to a personalized tonic, toning the organism to optimal performance. We[…]

Quantum Biology: The New Frontier

Mitochondria have risen to an unprecedented peak of popularity. They are particularly in vogue with Paleo diet enthusiasts, runners and bodybuilders, people interested in stress management, and researchers looking into the mechanisms of aging and chronic diseases such as diabetes, and Alzheimers’ disease.  A recent Ted talk featured Dr. Terry Wahls and her book called[…]

Seeing is believing

That is what the Cuban government did when it used homeopathy to prevent its population from the often deadly disease Leptospirosis or Swamp Fever. This bacterial disease is spread by contaminated water and therefore most prevalent in the tropics during the rainy season. Cuba’s highly effective public health and national surveillance programs had recorded the[…]

Study Shows Promise for Managing ADHD

A new study published last month shows individualised homeopathy helps manage ADHD in children. The randomised placebo-controlled single-blind pilot trial published in the Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy shows that individualised homeopathic intervention in children showed better outcomes compared to placebo. A total of 61 patients aged 6-15 diagnosed with ADHD (Homoeopathy = 30, placebo[…]

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