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The real me is back!

This case summary of a 51-year old suffering from vertigo is shared by Sonia Osorio. “I have been suffering from vertigo (dizzy, nauseous) for some time. The symptoms were debilitating and persistent, and nothing would completely alleviate or eradicate this ‘out of synch’ feeling. I’m about to take the leap [to create my own business]. Before, I had to adapt[…]

Feeling Separate

Janice Newton shares the case of a 53 year old professional professional who  “…feels that I lack the skill to articulate.  I feel separate, in my own world and I want to be better understood by others”.  Three months after taking the remedy she reports,  “I feel more confident and communication with others is smoother.  I[…]

Introduction: The Direction of Medicine

Where is medicine headed? Why has holistic, person-centered (or soul-centered) medicine become an important concern and essential consideration for the most prestigious medical institutions? We live in interesting times: times that are ripe for a new revival of an “old” medicine infused with great wisdom. We have come to regard the human being as a[…]

Tim S.

“I initially decide to consult with a MICH Homeopath due to some unusually strong and persistent allergic reactions I had been having, in addition to problems of chronic fatigue and uncomfortable coldness in my extremities. I had seen a regular homeopath some years ago for a different issue, but the formulaic and impersonal nature of[…]


“A year ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 HER2+ breast cancer. I thought about complementary and allopathic healing paths and realized that when I listened inside carefully, I was being called to both. Images intuitively arose of the First Nations sundance, which uses invasive methods (cutting and dancing in heat) and holistic integration (permitting[…]

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