Transpersonal Training

Where Mystery meets Matter

Where Mystery meets Matter – Open House Workshop In this workshop, we will be exploring the immaterial basis of the material world through visualizations, exercises, dialogue and the exploration of exciting new developments in research that are continuing to challenge our materialistic worldview. Everything we do at MICH is truly holistic: involving and engaging all the[…]

A Renaissance of the NHC

MICH now offers Personal Development and Transformational Training In 1990, Nancy Hamilton had a vision of a school of Natural Health that would be about creating positive change through self-discovery. Throughout the 1990s and well into the new millennia, the NHC (The Natural Health Consultants Institute) was often referred to as “The Esalen Center of[…]

The Challenge of Homeopathy

The Challenge of Homeopathy Every week in the MICH Montreal clinic, and during every mission to Honduras, our homeopaths and interns witness and celebrate the newly found health from experiencing homeopathy, as do our peers and colleagues in homeopathic hospitals and clinics from around the world. An example is the International Homeopathic Research Conference in[…]

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