Dancing with Duality

Life requires opposites. All living processes such as digestion, the action of enzymes, metabolism, the flow of nerve impulses and the ability of our muscles to create movement are based on the exchange of positively and negatively charged ions. This constant interchange of polar opposites establishes the movement of life. It is the physical expression[…]

Homeotip of the month: Biodynamic Gardening

Shifting happens when we use homeopathy.  With homeopathy, we can enter into a deeply harmonious relationship with the insects and the earth. Insects are drawn to plants via ultraviolet signals the plants emit – they ask the bugs to eat them. Homeopathy does not kill insects, it stimulates the vital forces in the soil surrounding the plant using[…]

MICH Free Public Talk Series 2011-2012: What would coming to MICH bring to your life?

Sunday, August 26th, 2012 4 pm to 6 pm Free admission! Central to being a healthy human is living a meaningful life, having a meaningful existence. Understanding the relationship of our clients to meaningfulness, their conscious or unconscious definition of meaning, is the central point of the therapeutic relationship, and in terms of homeopathy, of finding[…]

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