Client testimonial

I recently received this wonderful feedback from my client about her daughter’s progress.  Although I often have feedback that presents positive results, I’m very happy to hear of her daughter’s recovery from her health issues.

“Deep Sood has been treating my teenage daughter since March 2014 and in only a couple of months under her care, we have seen amazing progress. The change in my teen was nothing short of incredible. Her approach has helped my daughter (and our family) immensely and words cannot express my gratitude to her.

Deep Sood is deeply committed to helping her clients and very professional. I was very impressed with Deep’s thoroughness in client care and case management.  She always responded to my emails and phone calls promptly. She has made herself readily available to our family, constantly staying in touch, and has spent a lot of time studying my daughter’s case.  Due to her care, efforts and commitment, my daughter has gotten over her crisis and has since been doing well.

I am now a firm believer in homeopathy and would strongly recommend Deep Sood’s services to all my friends and family!”

Deep Sood,  D.Hom, MSc

Deep has acquired the ability to be an empathic listener and counselor over the course of her 30 years of teaching experiencec.  She specializes in the area of teens, emotional and behavioral issues, food disorders and women’s issues.  To learn more about Deep, click here.

Client testimonial

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