Come for Individualized Facilitation

Come for Individualized Facilitation

280x179MICH Clinic2At MICH we have spoken about the paradigm shift that allows us to see health and wellness as something that happens from the inside-out rather than the outside-in (see article: Is Your Paradigm Shift Turning You Inside Out?).

How do we explore in such a way that we can enter the doorway towards this paradigm shift, and address health or personal challenges from this shifted mode of understanding?

In the inside-out approach to health it is necessary to understand the living organism as having an inner intelligence, a vital force, which, in dis-ease, expresses itself through physical, mental or emotional signs and symptoms. By exploring these signs and symptoms we can start to understand the language of this inner intelligence and move forward towards better health.

An experience with a MICH homeopath offers a unique opportunity for personal facilitation and homeopathic inquiry that will provide you with new insight and understanding about where you are now, how this came to be and how to address your situation. It will help you to understand yourself from the inside-out. The MICH Method™ is a meaningful, personalized process which guides you into an exploration of the energetic roots of your problem or challenge, and the discovery of your deepest inner nature.

MICH offers many different ways to be facilitated in this exploration as listed below.

MICH Intern Clinic

We are offering teacher-supervised sessions with our interns and grads in our MICH Intern Clinic. These are offered at a discounted rate of $150 for 3 sessions, which is an overall savings of more than 50%.
There are also many advantages to the supervised clinic in that you will benefit from having the undivided attention of a team of people who will be dedicated to helping you, including a teacher supervisor, your intern homeopath and a team of 2-4 intern and grad observers who will help in case inquiry and dialogue. To read more about this experience, you can refer to the article ‘My Experience at the MICH Clinic’ in our blog post or to the MICH Clinic page.

MICH Personal Homeopath

If you prefer to meet one-on-one with one of our more experienced MICH homeopaths, we can help direct you to one of our graduates who we feel would meet your needs the best. This can happen in a few different ways.

You can find your own homeopath either through our Professional Directory, through our Map Locator, or by contacting our office ([mailto][email protected][/mailto]  and (514) 486-2716) for a more personal referral.

All MICH students meet at least 8 times a year with their MICH Personal Homeopath, and our applicants and students have the benefit of a reduced rate with our homeopaths. If you are interested in studying at MICH and have not yet submitted your application, then one of the benefits of doing so now is that you can start your personal exploration with a homeopath at these reduced rates.

We look forward to starting this journey with you!

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Kate Hudson – BA, E-Ryt, ND

Kate is deeply passionate about the practice of homeopathy and its ability to bring awareness and clarity to her clients. She feels privileged to be invited into their inner experiences and enters into their worlds, with them, from a space of curiosity and exploration. To learn more about Kate, visit her profile page in our Professional Directory or click here to read other posts by Kate.

Come for Individualized Facilitation

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