Conférence SPHQ avec Judyann McNamara: “Le Fondement Quantique de la Vie” | “The Quantum Basis of Life”

April 21, 2012

9h00 to 14h30
$30 per person

This talk, presented in french for the SPHQ, is a multi-media experiential exploration given by Judyann McNamara, physicist, homeopath, naturopath and founder of the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy (MICH).

Hahnemann’s words have never shone as brightly as they do in the light of a quantum perspective. Novel facets of the Organon come to life and provide important insights about how to optimize the full potential of our homeopathic practice as well as conduct research congruent to the deep, dynamic level on which homeopathy operates.

The talk will explore how current trends in biological research require using quantum mechanics to explain biological processes, and how this necessary paradigm shift away from the outdated, limited, chemical-mechanical medical model, towards a quantum model of life is the long awaited opportunity for homeopathy to take its place in the scientific community.

In order to fully embrace this opportunity, homeopaths individually and collectively must come to a quantum appreciation of their science. The intent of this presentation is to provide a “quantum guide” for homeopaths and practitioners of integrative medicine.

RSVP required. Please use one of the methods below:
[email protected]

1450 Guy Street, Montreal (QC) H3G 2W1
John Molson Building, Room MB.03.210, SP Building
7141 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (Québec), H4B 1R6
Room SP-S110

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