Diploma in Holistic Practice

The Diploma in holistic practice certifies that you have become skilled in numerous complementary healing arts, and you have mastered your craft through hours of personalized apprenticeship with experienced practitioners enabling you to truly address the whole individual in the way that that individual requires in order to transform their lives.

You learn how to create and engage the client in a customized diet lifestyle, an integrated program unique to your client. Not a protocol, not something off-the-shelf, instead, an effective program that is uniquely suited to their needs.

Anxiety and depression are two examples of symptoms of a deeper issue. They, like most of the challenges facing people today, involve unhealthy stress in many forms as well as personal and social stress: how I see myself and how I think others see me.

Chronic disease in all of its forms requires a holistic approach with a Complete system of understanding.

A Diploma in holistic practice goes beyond the conventional training to become a life coach, it involves learning how to how to transform our lives, how to redefine the relationship with the concept of self so that it becomes healthy, wholesome and holistic, and most importantly how to evolve and grow to our full potential.

Diet, lifestyle and meditation are important parts of any transition, but programs need to be individualized, and adapted to that person’s particular needs.

Transition must be supported energetically with a unique energetic signal that reinforces the transformation from a deep understanding of the unique expression to allow that uniqueness to be expressed, without distortion, allowed to come to full potential, complemented with specific, individualized tools including a diet and lifestyle that is suited to that expression.

The obstacles and challenges to evolution and expansion are addressed with the full spectrum of possible supports that act on different dimensions.

Learn to apply a full spectrum of supports according to the dimension on which the current challenge or obstacle appears, because these change during the transformation process. Where is support needed? In the organizing principle of the whole organism? Or in a specific system like the nervous system or reproductive a hormonal or digestive? Or is it on a cellular level, such as cellular memory or how the mitochondria are metabolizing energy or coordinating primary stress responses?

You will learn the specific level on which each intervention operates and how to apply each intervention in a holistic complementary way.

The difference in our approach is that we take well proven techniques to a much deeper dimension. For example, you will learn of the energetic movement that the Bach Flower essences address, the deeper motives and the mental archetypes that belong to each essence as well as practical training on how to prescribe them.

Learn what to observe in a cat versus a dog a bird or a horse; What to observe in a baby versus a newborn or a child or an adult; and what the essence will support energetically.

Use diet not only to supply necessary nutrition …

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