The dynamic symbolism of the alphabet

What’s in a name? Or behind the words we use every day? We often hear that words have power…but what does that mean and how can we use this to become more mindful of ourselves and our relationship to the world?

video symbolism of the alphabet
Video of class lecture on the symbolism of letters

Many years ago, I was enthralled when I learned that each letter of the alphabet doesn’t just represent a sound, but are also symbolic of the dynamic human movements of our ancestors lives over 5000 years ago.

By understanding that each letter of the alphabet is symbolic of a dynamic process, we can explore different dimensions of our own experience of life and open a doorway into our core movement.

Free of the associations that we may have unconsciously made, what does your name truly mean? 

To unveil the raw meaning of your name:  first, watch this snippet of our class recording, then sign up for access to a free download of the exercise handout here, then follow the instructions to start your exploration. (*note that if you’re already subscribed to our mailing list you’ll have access via the e-training we sent by email)

Let me know what you discover about yourself through the symbolism of the letters in your name.  Does the meaning change if you look through the lens of your nickname or your given name?  Have you always been known by this name? What changed in your life when you ‘changed’ names?

I look forward to hearing what kind of insights and discoveries you’ve made about yourself by considering the alphabet as symbol!

Warm regards,

Judyann McNamara

Founder of MICH

The dynamic symbolism of the alphabet

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