“MICH is a gift.”

“MICH is a gift. Having gone through the MICH Homeopathy process myself, I have a great respect and understanding for how difficult it can be and yet how rewarding as well. The MICH process helped me to move through my resistance. It continues to help me as I continue to grow and hit obstacles along the way. And patience – MICH has taught me patience, starting with myself. As a therapist, I understand the importance of being present and in the moment; an ever-attentive guide. I maintain a place of strength and of safety, where the client can face what may feel like their biggest demons without fear of judgment. I don’t ‘heal’ the client, as only the individual can do that. I assist. I listen. Together we dance and we learn and we grow. That’s what living is about.”


Ellen Bockus, BA, ND, NHC, DHom
MICH Homeopath

“MICH is a gift.”

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