Every time an intense and rewarding experience

Every time an intense and rewarding experience

Facebook photo-565x385In November 2014, I had the privilege of participating in my third HTSF mission to Padre Pedro Drouin Clinic in Valle de Angeles, Honduras, with Carla Marcelis as head of mission. As a homeopath, it is every time an intense and rewarding experience.

The first mission was for me the discovery of a lifetime. I was so excited at the idea of going into the unknown with other homeopaths. The work is not easy, it is demanding and a real gift of the self. However, living in a group, working hard, discovering, learning, setting aside our troubles, setting a goal and being witness to such success means that I come home with a unique experience and a desire to go back, again and again.

An HTSF mission means living intensely with a group of homeopaths who have the same objective, yet different backgrounds, and who share knowledge in order to provide homeopathic care for those among the poorest of Honduras.

An HTSF mission means landing in a new country, going through customs, forgetting one’s fatigue and practicing homeopathy 6 days a week, 10 hours a day, in a totally different environment, in a language that is foreign to us and with endearing people.

An HTSF mission is also acquiring and sharing the professional experiences of colleagues and learning more and more about homeopathy. It is meeting a multitude of people every day; the people, of course, but also students, villagers and local officials to promote and provide training. We work with HTSF complexes developed by Martine Jourde, founder of HTSF. We learn more about the devastating diseases such as Chagas, Dengue and Chikungunya which are rampant in Central America and have no known cure and how homeopathy can help people afflicted with these diseases.

An HTSF mission also means reuniting with Yolanda, who is so precious to me and holds the fort in our missions, and our dear Francisco, who accompanies us in all our travels and helps in the smooth running of the missions with his many contacts and his love of his country.
Why go on an HTSF mission? To see homeopathy in action, its implementation, its results. Because we provide homeopathic care to a poor population coming from far away to receive it. Because we come back home having grown as human beings.

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Lise Raymond, ND, DHom

In conjunction with her first training as a homeopath at the Collège d’Homéopathie du Québec in 1994, Lise Raymond broadened her scope of professional competence by undertaking training as a naturopath at the École de Naturopathie du Québec. Always wishing to widen her skills, Lise enrolled for an additional four-year training in homeopathy at MICH in 2006. Finally, her  sensitivity to humanitarian action is put into action in numerous volunteer expeditions with Homéopathes de Terre Sans Frontières (HTSF).

Every time an intense and rewarding experience

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