Exciting Opportunities for Homeopathy in Honduras

Exciting Opportunities for Homeopathy in Honduras

December 2016

Another update on this subject will be posted soon.  In the meantime, read about the latest mission here.

December 2014

One of the most promising outcomes of our recent mission is a possible agreement to teach and add homeopathy to the curriculums of three faculties of the National University of Honduras (UNAH, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras).

Besides making homeopathy part of health care training, they are planning the production of homeopathic remedies in Honduras and the use of homeopathy in care facilities across the country.

UNAH logo 400x267The discussions with the vice-dean of academics and members of the faculties of medicine, nursing and pharmacology were followed by an official visit to the Clinica, as well as participation of faculty members in our course on homeopathy. All the individuals we met with, and especially those who came to the First Line course, were excited and inspired by what we have been able to accomplish with homeopathy.

The Clinica was also visited by a department head within the public health ministry. We had sought her help in the prevention campaign described below and caught her interest especially with the fact that homeopathy can reach so many people for such a small cost. It is refreshing to experience such warm and welcome collaboration with conventional health care providers, professors and decision-makers.

Even before our departure from Canada, a request for help with an outbreak of Chikingunya (also known as CHIK)  had been made by the mayor of San Francisco, a small community about one and a half hours drive from the Clinica. Their neighbours, the community of Cantarranas, concerned that this outbreak might come to them next, also sought help with prevention. Given the setting of the Clinica in a region where there is much poverty and subsistence living, parasitic and other infectious diseases are very common and shared by the population. This fact provides an opportunity for the use of homeopathy as a prophylactic, for the prevention of specific diseases in a susceptible population. As you can read in this blog post, this mission had a focus on providing prevention to Dengue and to CHIK, both viral diseases transmitted by a mosquito, which render the person very ill and often have long-term consequences.

We had brought from Canada the concentrates to be used in this campaign and guidance was provided by Martine Jourde on how to further dilute the concentrate and dispense doses to the population. The mayors of the communities were met and a training day for volunteers was set up in San Francisco where some 60 young adults were trained on how to prepare the solution of the remedy and give doses to the population. Before we left, we witnessed one neighborhood receiving the prophylactic and ensured that enough people were trained and contacts put in place for a possible larger scale campaign in the surrounding area of Valle de Ángeles and possibly other parts of Honduras. It is wonderful that, in this way, homeopathy can be brought to a larger part of the Honduran population!

UNAH Faculty on training day at the Clinica
UNAH Faculty on training day: Photo credit © TSF/Ky Chung

The relationship to Honduras is very important to MICH as a training institute because it complements so well the clinical training provided in Montreal.  MICH graduates and interns all have the opportunity to participate in clinical preparations for the missions; therefore, if they decide to go on a mission, they already are familiar with the clinical approach. Such a preparation is important for everyone on the mission to have a basis to work from. However, during the mission, training is also continued as specific cases bring out questions. This can happen spontaneously during the day, as questions come up, or at night when we review the cases of that day.

Despite the fact that this mission was the first time that HTSF founder, Martine Jourde, wasn’t present, we were still able to consult with her when necessary. We were able to communicate and receive training with her via teleconference on numerous occasions,  where she was able to generously share over 20 years of experience working in Honduras and abroad.  The wonders of technology help the Clinica in becoming more sustainable all year around.

Looking back at the mission, we are filled with gratitude and excitement for the possibilities that opened up for us while we were there. Our gratitude goes to the Clinica and to Francisco Cárcamo, our Honduran counterpart, to Yolanda Salgado, who works full-time at the Clinica, as well as to the some 200 Hondurans from the area around Valle de Ángeles who consulted at the Clinica, for this unique opportunity this afforded us to practice homeopathy in a clinical setting. Participation in a mission brings us experience and confidence in our homeopathic practice which we take back to Canada and makes us better homeopaths overall. And now that the MICH graduates who formed the brigade are back in Canada, we are all feeling the satisfaction of having accomplished much in so little time, as well as continued gratitude for the exciting opportunities that are unfolding for homeopathy, at MICH and nation-wide in Honduras.

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New missions are currently being planned.

For these missions, we’re inviting Ontario and Quebec homeopaths to join us for training that applies to HTSF projects as well as clinical experience. For more information about how to join us on our next mission, contact us for more information.

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Carla Marcelis, ND, DHom

Carla brings dedication, passion and expertise as mission leader to the MICH Honduras Clinic and to her role as Director and teacher at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy. Visit her webpage to learn more about her and to read all of her blog posts.

Exciting Opportunities for Homeopathy in Honduras

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