Meet Carla Marcelis

Carla Marcelis

Homeopathy grabbed Carla’s attention from the moment she first learnt about it. She loved its philosophy of treating the whole person and its understanding that the mind and the body are not two separate parts but a beautifully integrated whole.

She was in medical school at that moment and had a growing unease with how the hospital environment seemed to be so unlike a friendly, calming, peaceful healing environment that Carla had always imagined she would work in.

She saw how patients were often disappointed with their interaction with a doctor and the frustration coming from having such little time to discuss often serious topics as health and disease. She realized that doctors were not taught how to interact and get to know their patients and create a comfortable relationship of trust and respect. The medical training is great for saving lives in acute situations, but much less adapted to supporting people through the long process of chronic diseases.

Although she decided not to practice medicine, having gone to medical school provides Carla with a thorough understanding of the human physiology and of pathological processes. She has brought this knowledge together with years of studying naturopathy, nutrition and homeopathy, to bring a full spectrum of supports to her clients with homeopathy at its core.

Her Dreams

Carla has put her full support and passion behind the MICH Honduras clinic project. Bringing homeopathy to the world is one of her dreams. The knowledge that homeopathy can do so much for people’s health while costing so little, makes it an important medicine for developing countries such as Honduras.

See her blog post on Cuba “seeing is believing” for a small window into this great potential.

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