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“I’m always amazed by what I have picked up through osmosis over the years from societal norms and ideas, without any inner reflection or barometer of self-truth. Fortunately, I am an adventurer and an explorer of sorts. I started on this quest called the human journey many years ago – one I know I won’t leave until the day I die.”

~ Jennifer Holzgang
Jennifer Holzgang

Homeopathy is a word, and for me this word has become central to my life. On a daily basis it is part of my internal dialogue, as well as part of my conversations with just about anyone who will engage. Often they have no idea what I am talking about, and what it is I am trying to communicate.

My impression of homeopathy used to be uninformed, just as many things in my life have been. I have made judgments based on prejudice. For example, I remember snickering in a nutrition class, when the teacher suddenly decided to use muscle testing to investigate food intolerances and sensitivities. She had a strong young fellow hold his arm out while grasping a certain food in his hand. If his arm went down (became weak), she would declare him intolerant to that food. “Nonsense” I thought to myself. My “scientific” background would not let me believe this as viable. Years later however, I have used this technique in a Medical Clinic in Honduras and in my Practice to test for all kinds of intolerances and weaknesses. As a low cost diagnostic technique, nothing beats it.

It has taken me quite a few years to de-structure my academic thought process into something that is able explore other possibilities. I am distressingly amazed by what I have picked up through osmosis over the years from societal norms and ideas, without any inner reflection or barometer of self-truth. But fortunately I am an adventurer and an explorer of sorts. I started on a quest many years ago, one that I am still on and expect to be until the day I die. It is called the Human Journey.

This is the big one. We each have our own. None is the same as another’s, although I suspect we all believe there is something about someone else’s quest that ours is supposed to be. We peek from behind our eyes into the vastness around us, seeking or striving towards something, most of the time we know not what. There are many, many, MANY old books written about the Human Journey. Many of them are very profound. Nowadays there are self-help manuals, audiotapes, gurus and what not, each with their own special flavor. Sort of a sugar coated versions of the previously profound literature (requiring deep thought or wisdom).

Homeopathy is very profound, and yet so elegantly simple. To appreciate it as the healing art and science that it is requires one to stretch beyond one’s bounds. For most, this will be a de-structuration of previously ingrained thought patterns. Once this journey is embarked on, a whole new world of possibility opens up. Not only does homeopathy provide “remedies”, it also provides a non-denominational philosophy. This is the profound part. The elegantly simple part is that it offers itself to healing on all levels of the spectrum. Through homeopathy one can heal the body, mind and soul of individuals as well as communities.

I am a farmer’s wife, mother of six children and grandmother of nine. My family hears me use the word homeopathy all the time. It is now a household word. Even though they may not understand it in the way that I do, they are learning to appreciate homeopathy’s potential because they are using it.

Besides the weird and wonderful “job” of being a farm wife and mother, I have also been a cook, a teacher at an established school of natural health, a volunteer for environmental projects, given workshops on herbs and homeopathy and have maintained my practice as an evolving holistic practitioner.

At this time of my life I describe myself as a “Living Homeopath” This means that wherever I am, and whomever I am with, I have entrusted myself to share what have learned with whomever would like to engage. My life becomes enhanced by these interactions, as I hope others’ have as well. I still do private sessions at my home or by Skype, as well as give workshops. Each session is an exploration of you, your disease, your habits and beliefs, each time acquainting you more intimately with yourself, and possibilities for a healthier life.


Jennifer Holzgang

Trained as a Natural Health Consultant, Herbalist, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Homeopath, Jennifer incorporates the most appropriate from these practices to address each individual. She appreciates how homeopathy is both practical and life enhancing, allowing her to accompany individuals in self-exploration and discovery of potential, as well as providing down to earth tools and information for everyday situations.

In addition to her work as a holistic practitioner for the last 15 years, Jennifer has also worked as a teacher of herbology, biology and environmental health at a school of natural health in Montreal, as well as facilitated at MICH. She gives workshops about holistic health to school and church groups covering subjects on herbalism and homeopathy. A particular favorite are “Herbwalks” that teach about local plant medicines. Recently she has volunteered for Homéopathes de Terre Sans Frontières Missions in Honduras.

See her blog post on Cuba “seeing is believing” for a small window into this great potential.

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