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“Is not the core of nature in the heart of man?”

~ Goethe
Julia Thompson

Meet Julia

Julia’s presence, compassion, depth of listening, and genuine curiosity makes her an easy partner in health. She cares deeply for every person who walks through her door and cherishes getting to know the uniqueness of every individual.

Her Practice

Julia’s practice is anchored in the MICH Method, the leading edge in the most current approach to homeopathy. It is this soul level inquiry during the therapeutic process that is the most person-centered, inspiring, holistic, and individualized form of health care she has found. The subtle influence of the therapeutic process and the remedy are gentle, yet powerful and profound. Homeopathic treatment not only sustains and supports the body through physical healing, but it also encourages the evolution of the individual.

Julia has experience working with people at all stages of life, from babies, and pregnant women, to children, adolescents and adults. She has had success working with people with behavioral issues in children and mental/emotional issues like anxiety and depression in teens and adults. She uses single remedy prescribing for the core central disturbance, with homeopathic and cellular supports to strengthen the body during chronic and acute ailments when needed.

Skype and FaceTime case taking are options for long distance clients. Julia is a member of the Association des Naturopathes Professionnel du Québec (ANPQ) and insurance receipts are available.

The Process

The process starts with discussion of the symptoms. Inquiry and exploration of the chief complaint and stress, and perceptions around the stressors, bring the process deeper to one’s innermost subjective reality. The process weaves into the depth of mind, both conscious and unconscious, and in this way the dialogue reveals the body-mind correlations that describe a “whole organism” dynamic. Coming to this core dynamic is the goal in the case taking process.

The pattern of disease is then what is used to research the right matched remedy that addresses this core issue and supports the vital force. As the remedy action takes place, the vital energy that was caught in the disturbance is released and freed, and a new level of vitality on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional – emerges.

Her Training and Experience

Julia’s passion for homeopathy arose from her fascination with the meaningfulness of life, always contemplating the force behind what animates life, gives breath, and moves the mind. She spent 4 years studying the subtle energy body and practicing different alternative healing modalities at the Natural Health Consultant’s Institute obtaining certificates in Therapeutic Massage, Vibrational Medicine, and Spiritual Psychotherapy. She went on to focus on homeopathy after she discovered Judyann McNamara’s teaching of a quantum health paradigm and holism. She began her studies at MICH in 2006 and then became part of the faculty after graduation where she continues to improve her homeopathic skills.

Julia is committed to her continued professional development and the newest advances in the field. She supports HTSF and took part in a mission to the clinic in Honduras. It was an exciting context where she gained experience prescribing for people with acute illnesses and witnessed the full spectrum of homeopathy’s potential.

Julia wanted to round out her practice by becoming a nurse. This endeavour gave her an applied understanding of physiology, pathologies, and allopathic interventions through her study and internships with patients in medical-surgical, geriatric, psychiatric, obstetric, and pediatric settings. Her compassion and dedication to ease human suffering deepened through these unforgettable experiences. She studied at Dawson College and finished the nursing program with an intensive internship in the ER at the Royal Victoria Hospital, graduating with honours in 2010. She went on to work part-time at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, where she has over 4 years of experience developing her clinical skills in working with children and families.

Her Fun

In her free time, Julia has fun swimming, camping, canoeing and being in nature, especially by the water, where she is at home. She enjoys comedy and anything that makes her laugh. Creatively, she loves drumming, music, painting and writing. 

Contact Her

Julia is located in Verdun, Montreal QC.

Email her: [email protected]
Call her: (514) 297-6175

See her blog post on Cuba “seeing is believing” for a small window into this great potential.

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