Meditation – Finding Inner Peace

Finding Inner Peace
Being an Instrument of Peace for Others

This meditation is your invitation to experience the wholeness of who you really are and allow yourself to be a beacon of peace for others.

Our fears, our opinions, our likes and dislikes, ideas of who and others are, all the roles we play, and all our concepts are what cause us stress, tension, discontent, dissatisfaction, division and pain. So, to let go of them, even for just a few minutes, brings great relief and renewal to our whole bodymind organism. It is the best spa available.

At some point in our lives or at the moment of death, we realize that we are one small expression of an infinite consciousness.  Infinite consciousness condenses into a point, one small expression of itself experiencing and expressing all at once.  We are a contraction of consciousness, into one point, simultaneously creating space and time so that infinite, boundless consciousness experiences itself as bounded and limited to a locality, a unique point of view within wholeness, a drop within the sea. At birth, the brain begins to separate the experience within this apparent locality from the experience of other localities, and creates from this point of view, a sense of self and a sense of other, a subject and object, an inner witness and an outer world. In reality there is no such division, there is only one infinite, timeless consciousness. Infinite consciousness, a boundless holographic screen, an ocean in which everything is arising and being experienced simultaneously. 

We are only ever this screen, a drop made of and in the ocean, a whirlpool spinning in the flow of the river of life.  We are not in any way separate from it. It takes energy and effort to sustain and maintain our sense of a separate self and the other, the world.

Our suffering, angst, anxieties, fears, defensiveness and all the discomforts of self consciousness, arise from this expenditure of energy to maintain a separate self. This energy, rather than flowing through us to simply maintain this unique perspective and experience of the awe-inspiring whole, is condensed into and locked into a stance, opinions, defences and fear. If we allow ourselves to be quiet enough to feel these areas of condensed energy,  and just focus on surrender and allowing the energy to flow, we experience ourselves as we are meant to be: light, open and free. 

I hope you enjoy this meditation. If you do, please share it so that others can also become beacons of peace.

Namaste, Judyann

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