First Aid Homeopathy for Moms and Babies

First Aid Homeopathy for Moms and Babies

First Aid Homeopathy for Moms and Babies

Although homeopathy was not designed specifically for moms and babies, it’s a branch of medicine that has been serving them well for over 200 years, especially in first aid situations.

First Aid Homeopathy for Moms and Babies, Pregnancy and Labor

Being easily available, safe and effective, with no worrisome side effects, First Aid Homeopathy is exactly the kind of medicine that lends itself towards the life of a mom – after all, who did we first turn to whenever we hit our heads or bruised our knees? It’s Moms who are on the front lines of family emergencies big and small ever day.

The fact that homeopathic remedies are gentle, non-toxic and supportive of life and our innate ability to heal makes them a safe, popular choice to use at any stage of life; even during pregnancy, labor and while breastfeeding. Whether it’s effectively relieving nausea and indigestion, facilitating labor, breast feeding issues, colic or lack of sleep, homeopathy is a reliable ally for both mom and baby.

Although choosing remedies is a skill and art, perhaps one of the following remedy suggestions will help you or someone you know in their journey of being “Mom”.

When to use First Aid Homeopathy for Moms and Babies

Pregnancy & Labor

Arnica is a useful remedy for feeling bruised by an active baby, or feeling an emotional state that includes aversion to touch or a fear of being examined.

For morning sickness, try Cocculus if your stomach feels empty and the sight of food sets you off, or Nux Vomica if your nausea is worse after eating.

Nux Vomica can also be helpful in cases of constipation with a constant desire to pass stool, or an ‘unfinished’ feeling that can be taken for feelings of indigestion or of having eaten too much.

Arnica can also be used for relieving trauma to mother and baby during birth, while Aconite may be used at any time to relieve the feeling of severe pains that make one afraid of dying.

Babies & Nursing

For sore or cracked nipples, Phytolacca, Silicea or Calendula can be considered, while Belladonna or Bryonia can help for engorged breasts to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

Chamomila is well known for its effects on a teething baby, especially when one cheek is hot and red. For diaper rash that is red and raw, consider Sulphur or look to Rhus Tox if the rash is itchy, flaky and better from covering.

Kids & Adults

For bumps, bruises, sore muscles or the first stages of sprains and strains, try Arnica. In the case of injured fingers or toes, try Hypericum instead.

Calendula is wonderful for minor cuts and wounds; but for puncture wounds consider Hypericum (fingers and toes) or Ledum (hands or soles of feet).

For treating a cold or flu, Arsenicum Album and Nux Vomica can be very helpful, as can Gelsemium and Aconite (which is especially indicated when the illness comes on suddenly or from cold wind on the ears).

How to use homeopathic remedies

When selecting remedies for yourself or your family, a 30CH potency is usually appropriate, and the doses should be repeated only until there is improvement, then stopped. The correct remedy in the right potency will usually begin to address the condition right away. To learn more, there are many books you can read (see below for the most popular choice for Moms), however, it can be difficult for beginners to select remedies accurately and confidently without having trained with an experienced homeopath.  Although first aid homeopathy for moms and babies is safe, with no side effects, it can be daunting to take or give remedies without experience or guidance.

Your local homeopath or the naturopath at the local health food store can be great allies when it comes to selecting a homeopathic remedy, potency and dosage. However, homeopathy is often so rewarding and empowering for people (especially new Moms) that many decide to learn it once they see for themselves that it can easily resolve complaints that would have kept them in bed with the sniffles, or up all night with a crying baby.

For an opportunity to learn more about how to use homeopathy, at your own pace while benefitting from the advice and guidance of someone who’s been there, visit the page for our First Aid Homeopathy course. You’ll not only have the opportunity to learn how to use first aid homeopathy for moms and babies in the course but also understand the principles of this branch of medicine.

For free course samples and access to webinars (including first aid homeopathy webinars ‘Arnica’ and ‘Banishing bug bites and other summer mishaps), sign up here.

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First Aid Homeopathy for Moms and Babies

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