First Aid Homeopathy Course

Discover the practical application of homeopathy in your everyday life!  This first aid homeopathy course that will provide you with the basics you need to know in order to use homeopathic remedies in first aid situations with your family, your pets or your self.  It introduces the principles of homeopathy as a system of medicine and describes some 40 remedies that can be used around the home. Examples from homeopaths’ practice and class webinars will bring the remedies to life and help you distinguish between them.

Learn from Experience with an Expert

Be guided by an experienced homeopath, and naturopath with a medical background. Carla Marcelis is a MICH trained homeopathic practitioner with many years of clinical practice. She obtained her degree in Naturopathy in 1997, after previously having completed 6 years of medical training. Carla is also a MICH clinical supervisor and teaches advanced courses for homeopaths and homeopaths in training at MICH. She is a wonderful resource for both interns and practicing homeopaths alike.

First Aid Homeopathy Course

Carla in Honduras -Photo by Ky Chung

She generously shares her wealth of knowledge and years of practical clinical experience from leading HTSF missions to Honduras and she helps you to use homeopathic knowledge to treat two first aid situations that you encounter during the course. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your cases with her in our online classroom and live webinars. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge and practical know-how from an experienced teacher.

Objectives of the First Aid Homeopathy Course:

• To have a basic understanding of homeopathic principles • To have a basic understanding of the making and proving of remedies • To have a basic understanding of the application of potencies; • To be introduced to the use of repertories and Materia Medica; • To become familiar with the concepts of external cause and acute disease; • To be introduced to some 40 remedies that can be used in acute, first aid situations; • To practice giving a remedy in a first aid situation.

Topics include:

• Trauma: accidents, broken bones, sprains, wounds, burns, frostbite, coma. • Fevers, colds and flu • Doctor’s and dentist’s office: Surgery, dentistry, chemotherapy, radiation. • Weather and change in environment, travel. • Poisonings. Animals and insect bites and stings.



FORMAT • Online self study course • Eight units with quizzes • 2 LIVE webinar facilitations with student participation • Online classroom for student-teacher and student-student discussions/questions COURSE SCHEDULE • This course is ongoing, (you can start anytime)  *N.B: (access to the course site is available right away upon registration) FOUNDATION COURSE • Included in the Foundation Courses Package COST • $400 REQUIREMENTS • Open to the public • Required course for MICH program (Diploma) • No pre-requisites required CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS • 7 CEUs (66 credits) TEACHERS • Carla Marcelis DHom, N.D.

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“MICH has enabled me to bring holism to my work with children and their families after a decade of experience.  The MICH process blends scientific empiricism with the art of healing”

Laura A. Wyglinski, BA, M.Sc, Ph.D

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Note: Francophones bienvenus. L’enseignante est parfaitement bilingue. Le cours est donné en anglais, mais il sera possible de poser des questions en français et de soumettre vos devoirs en français.

If you feel that engaging with this deep level is your calling, then don’t miss the opportunity to join the new group that’s forming now. You can apply here to get started or get in touch with us directly by calling (514) 486-2716 or emailing [email protected]. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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