Free e-training – Dancing with Duality Conference

Free e-training – Dancing with Duality Conference

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This week’s free e-training offers you a front row seat at a full conference given by Judyann about how and why life began. Discover the little known principle of evolution put forth by Charles Darwin that explains the CREATIVE FORCE behind evolution, and how this force led to the expression of Beauty, Love, Compassion, Empathy, and other spiritual values.

Join us on this exploration of the relationship between wholeness and duality, the dance of life with all its polarities and dualities.


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e-Training Exercise

Bring Duality & Conflict to Greater Wholeness

Duality, or feeling polarized is an invitation to adopt a bigger perspective.  An important part of MICH training is about how to bring in another dimension of consciousness and awareness, the symbolic, archetypal dimension, in order to evolve to a greater whole and to see through duality.

If you find yourself experiencing attraction or aversion towards someone, a desire to merge or a desire to reject or push someone away this week, here’s what to do:

Sink into the experience of attraction or aversion to this person.  Observe how you experience him or her physically, emotionally and mentally.  Note the changes in your body, emotions and mental attitude as you go through the following reflections about this person.

  • List the key physical features that come to your mind about this person.
  • Describe what you like or dislike about their voice: loudness, timbre, tone, pace, etc. and how you feel when you hear their voice.
  • Is there something about the way they dress and present themselves?
  • Is there something you find in their stance (the way they sit or move), that you like?  What is it about the way they talk or speak?
  • What is it about how they interact, connect and relate that affects you?  What is it in their viewpoints, worldview, opinions or interests that affects you?

As you go through the list, what do you imagine motivates them that produces all these effects you experience, or moves them globally, and what about that irritates or attracts you?

Finally, find a word or phrase that would capture all of these words under one umbrella, that would represent all of the descriptives you used.

Now, change dimensions…

All our reactions are based on internal representations (symbols).

Look at your “umbrella word” and find its opposite. What do these words represent or symbolize internally for you? What do these words represent or symbolize internally for you? How would you describe the relationship between these two symbols? How do these two aspects play out in your life? What is your experience of tension between these two aspects?

Remember this exercise anytime you feel a strong attraction or aversion to discover more about your relationship to the symbolic and yourself.

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Judyann McNamara – ND, DHom, CCH

Originally a physicist and biomedical researcher, Judyann has had a clinical practice for over 15 years, has held conferences since 1984 and has been a teacher of courses in physics, health sciences, homeopathy, holism and spirituality since 1975. To learn more about Judyann, visit her profile page in our Professional Directory or click here to read more posts by Judyann.

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Free e-training – Dancing with Duality Conference

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