The Body as Symbol for your Holistic Health – The Ankles

The Body as Symbol for your Holistic Health – The Ankles

By understanding the body as symbol, you can begin to explore the subtle energy flows through your body and the impact on your holistic health.   A deeper awareness will then let you gain insights through body-mind connections that bring to light the unconscious inner dynamics that restrict your full potential and expression. You will also discover how homeopathy, as a vibrational medicine, works with the unique expression of the individual to liberate these flows. This week’s e-training will focus on one such flow and how you can use homeopathy to support it. The role of your ankles and your holistic health


This week’s exercise: The Body as Symbol

Your ankles & the role they play in your holistic health

In order to benefit from a full experience, please take a few moments to follow all the instructions. Stand up and feel into your ankles right now. Really feel them, as if you lived inside your ankles. Imagine that you are inhabiting your ankles. Fully experience the tension of the muscles and tightness of the tendons. Experience the solidness of the floor. Notice how your body sways ever so slightly and how your ankles have to maintain your equilibrium in every moment. Bring your awareness to the work involved in keeping your body upright: the tension between the horizontal plane of your feet and the ground and the vertical plane of your legs and body. You are experiencing the essential tension and susceptibility of the ankles: the tension between the horizontal plane representing the earthbound, practical aspects or ground level necessities in life, such as finances, food, shelter, and the vertical plane, representing your aspirations, potential, and hopes for fulfillment.

Your ankles are at the junction of the fulfillment of your practical needs and the fulfillment of your aspirations and hopes.

These two aspects of your life are in constant flux: you are always having to adjust your aspirations within practical limits and needs.

You will have a greater tendency to sprain an ankle (greater susceptibility) when there is a disequilibrium or a need for a new adjustment between these two planes of your existence.

The most common first aid homeopathic remedy used for twisted ankles and easily sprained ankles is the remedy called Ledum Palustre, a plant also known as Wild Rosemary, Marsh Tea or Labrador Tea. Homeopaths know through both experimental and clinical experience that this remedy is associated with a mental state of dissatisfaction, and the sensation of needing to move or change. At the same time, there is a fear of making a wrong move, of taking a step unless there is no chance of error – the step must be infallible, secure and 100% certain.

What the homeopathic remedy does

I have given Ledum countless times to individuals who are stubbornly trying to persist in a job that is full of obstacles because they are afraid to “step out” and “step into” a new life, to explore a new area of work. The tension between the vertical aspirations of the individual to fuller expression and the horizontal fears of not being financially certain of the change create a state whereby the ankle is susceptible and weakened to the point of easily twisting and spraining. The remedy not only allows for faster healing of the twisted ankle and for its strengthening, it also allows the individual to adapt to what could be a new situation with less fear and more assurance.

What are your ankles telling you?

Take the time to listen and explore your own body’s signals and let me know how you honor your body as a guide in our next free webinar or in Discover Holism or Noumedynamic Health. Looking forward to hearing from you! Namaste, Judyann [divider style=”hr-dotted”]

Judyann McNamara – ND, DHom, CCH

Originally a physicist and biomedical researcher, Judyann has had a clinical practice for over 15 years, has held conferences since 1984 and has been a teacher of courses in physics, health sciences, homeopathy, holism and spirituality since 1975.  To learn more about Judyann, visit her profile page in our Professional Directory or click here to read more posts by Judyann.

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The Body as Symbol for your Holistic Health – The Ankles

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