Living in a materialistically-oriented society can feel limited and meaningless at times. The stress and lethargy or discouragement we feel can be attributed to this limited worldview, which also limits our experience, and the full expansion of consciousness and our potential.

All we need is a regular reminder of the reality of greater wholeness, the majesty and wonder of life, and perhaps just a brief moment of awe to reconnect to meaning and fullness.

As a public service, (in addition to our clinical work, training and research in the Honduras), MICH is offering FREE access to the training that for many years, has been exclusive to those enrolled in our professional programs.

In the spirit of contributing to the evolution of consciousness in humanity, and to awaken the awareness of the reality of humanity as one organism, of the earth and all its creatures as one organism, we have created free ongoing e-training, designed to facilitate the paradigm shift from isolated individual to one of experiencing oneself as a unique expression and rich component of magnificent wholeness.

Sign up today to receive weekly inspirational ideas and exercises that you can use to tap into deeper realms of awareness and experience and help you grow to greater wholeness, well-being, health and expression. 

Your paradigm shift into Holistic Living is facilitated by:

• Practical exercises of awareness
• Meditations and visualizations
• Leading edge research in quantum biology and medicine
• Energy awareness
• Ways to “dialogue” with your soul
• Special offers on upcoming training and continuing education opportunities
• Feature articles about holistic health
• Previews and free ‘samples’ of our online courses

Access to our online courses:

Once subscribed to our e-training, you will receive our series of mindfulness emails as well as links to course previews and the registration page which provides subscribers with discounts on our courses.  



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