Free first aid homeopathy webinar

Learn how to use a gentle, safe and effective medicine in first aid situations

Learn how to use a gentle, safe and effective medicine in first aid situations.  Homeopathy is widely used within the national health care systems of many countries across the world, including the United Kingdom, France, and Germany and is earning a reputation in North America as a safe complement to conventional medicine.

In this free Q&A webinar, the teacher of our full first aid homeopathy will provide an overview of what homeopathy is, along with how to use some common remedies to use in acute (first aid) situations.

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“I refer to my experience at MICH as the ‘Fantastic Voyage’.  I traveled and ventured into my mental, emotional and physical states to an ultimate place of sensation and entered into the unknown”

Lise Lortie, Massage Therapist

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“MICH provided me with a profound understanding of  the human being in both health and disease.”

Claudia Fentanes, M.D.

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