Freedom from Severe IBD

I was the MICH Intern Clinic supervisor for student homeopath Roberta Vienneau’s case of a 21-year-old client who presented with Irritable Bowel Disorder, food sensitivities, severe cramps, gas and diarrhea. As a toddler, he had had kidney cancer resulting in the removal of a kidney and radiation treatment.  The young man was friendly, open and communicative with a comfortable and easy presence about him.  He was very articulate and able to express himself well.  He shared that he lives happily with his parents and has dreams of being a talk show host or a media spokesperson.

The severe symptoms of his IBD created stress and limited his life substantially.  He was taking many daily doses of anti-diarrheal medication and was anxious travelling from one place to another due to frequent and urgent needs to use a bathroom.  It affected him greatly that he was unable to fully participate in the more social aspects of life and that he missed school often.

At his initial appointment, the case team observed that in addition to his physical symptoms his main focus was on his family and girlfriend and he felt terrified of losing them.  “It’s a connection with someone special: cooperative expression, collective appreciation, it’s fulfilling, it’s the glue that keeps me together.”  He elaborated that he enjoys teamwork for its supportive and unifying qualities.

In his followup appointment a few weeks later, he reported that “The day after I took the remedy, I woke up at 5 a.m. with a burst of energy, was ready to go to school at 5:30 and didn’t need a coffee”.  He had only used his anti-diarrheal medication a couple of times in the last few weeks.  Over the next few months, in continuing followup appointments, he reported that his energy was much better, that he was more relaxed in his relationships and life in general.  He broke up with his girlfriend and said even though it was difficult he realized it was an important step and that he actually got over it fairly quickly. In his words:  “Before, my life was chaos. Now, things are easy and seem to make more sense.  I can think differently, like a Rubrik’s cube – before, I could only see 3 parts; now, I can flip the cube and see many different ways of looking at things.  I am happy, more confident in who I am – before, I was more cautious; now, I can just do things – I’m more enabled, with nothing blocking me.”

He continues to do well overall, with greatly reduced physical symptoms.  Now, two years later, his mother reports that he is still doing extremely well, and that she is astounded by his continued improvement.


Melissa Dair, ND, DHom

Melissa has more than twenty years of experience in education as a teacher, professional learning facilitator, and student support coordinator. In addition to this professional background, her training in holistic counselling and homeopathy has added an important dimension to the depth of her understanding of the human journey.  To learn more about her, visit her profile in our Professional Directory.

Freedom from Severe IBD

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