Has a disagreement gotten the best of you? Find out how to get ‘unhooked’…

Has a disagreement gotten the best of you? Find out how to get ‘unhooked’…

Ever find yourself ruminating over and over about an argument or disagreement or a conversation with someone? The words or situation keeps coming back to haunt you, getting in the way of relaxing or fully appreciating life?
getting unhooked, disagreement

You got “hooked”, and there you are struggling on your meat hook and no way to get off.

The hook is always linked to some part of our sense of self; (a concept of who we are based on identifying with what we do, or who we think we are). The attachment to our sense of self is reflected in every experience we have in life and is especially marked when we face things that support (or challenge) it.

So, some part of your identity hooked you in, but which part?

‘Unhooking’ from our concept of self is central to what we do at MICH, and here’s a tool that can really help. If you’re not hooked now, keep it somewhere for reference for the next time you feel coerced, unappreciated, not heard, etc. in other words, in situations where our concept of self feels challenged.

This is a modified version of Byron Katie’s “Work”, a simple method to help us to take a step back from our interpretation, assumptions and beliefs so as to embrace a bigger truth and to see a bigger whole.

What I like about this process is that it’s about opening to our heart, and our heart’s intelligence, not just trying to change our thoughts, which only serves to put ourselves at war with ourselves, dividing ourselves further.

Ready to discover something new about yourself?

First think about any situation where you harbour a lot of emotion, or reaction, or that you ruminate about. Then, sign up for access to a free download of the exercise handout for guidance on how to move into inquiry around that before stepping back from your thoughts and finally embracing your truth.

Happy discoveries!

Warm regards,






Judyann McNamara

Founder of MICH

P.S. Challenging our sense of self (and celebrating our practice of recognizing it) is what makes studying at MICH so transformational.  Visit our website to learn more about our courses or working with a MICH homeopath.  For more information, you can call us at (514) 486-2716 or email [email protected]

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What makes MICH different? Read a couple of testimonials from some of many alumni.

“I feel my true comprehension of health and disease has only really begun since studying at MICH.”
Jenn Holzgang, Herbalist, ND, NHC, DHom

“MICH merges what holistic practice has always proclaimed should be inseparable: the mind and the body.”
Dot Wojakowski, BA, BSW, ND, DHom

“It is a life-changing experience, helping us reconnect, retune, inducing a sense of freedom, and most of all, provoking oneness”
Marta Bachetti, BSc (Biochem) Business Development McGill

“By holding the space, guiding me and pushing my limits, MICH enabled, and continues to enable me to grow. “
Anne Landry, MBA, CFA


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Has a disagreement gotten the best of you? Find out how to get ‘unhooked’…

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