Be awestruck by the beauty of the immaterial dimension and how the heart and it’s sacred geometry forms and informs our energy body, and our health

Disease, health, life— are verbs, not nouns. They are dynamic processes, a constant flux and flow and interchange. This foundation is the true basis of medicine—as well as of a healing process for all life on earth. By tapping into the golden power generated by the heart and it’s sacred geometry, you can learn to invigorate your immune system and increase your well being in many different ways. Our hearts are the source of life within us and the energetic infrastructure of our life and vital force.

Heart of Gold

Far from being a mechanical “pump”, the heart is actually an electromagnetic transformer. The heart and it’s sacred geometry is the alchemical crucible for the transformation of Gold into ORME: of energy into life.  ORME, a superconducting form of gold produced by the heart is essential for the transmission of signals along our nerves, and the functioning of our nervous systems and senses.

Heart of Gold meditation

Once you’ve watched the introduction, you can begin your own practice of Golden Heart Meditation. And the solstice is the perfect time to do this.  Just like the solstice, there is a moment in every heartbeat, in a precise point within the heart, when there is no movement; absolute stillness reigns. This moment of dynamic rest is the exact moment, simultaneous in time and space, that represents the eternally present heart-centered state in each human being.

Beings of Light

beings of light, astral body, etheric body, ego body

Discover the most powerful way to invigorate your entire being and imbue your life with meaning.  Find out how to do that, as well as the answer to the age old question of why we sleep, and what happens when we do.  This video will show you how the complex interplay of wavefronts actually comes together to form and maintain the human body, as well as provide us with the true meaning of life.

Science of Awe10 keys to wellbeing, science, research natural health

Find out what leading edge research has dubbed as the 10 essential keys to health and well-being.  It is totally aligned with what we explored in last week’s “Beings of Light”, establishing that moments of “awe” are the most powerful key to better immune response, lower inflammation, reduced stress response, improved cognitive abilities and reasoning, social connectedness and longer, happier lives.


Who should watch these recordings? Everyone looking to bring more light into their live, to explore the immaterial dimensions of life, and “inner” medicine, and to discover the MICH experience first-hand, especially if you are:

•    A MICH applicant who wants to experience the depth of understanding taught at MICH,
•    A therapist or homeopath who wants to learn more about the immaterial dimension of reality
•    Interested in learning more about how to bring new dimensions and meaning to all areas of your life.

Judyann makes the latest leading-edge research accessible and understandable, highlighting the most salient, meaningful discoveries so that their impact on our perceptions and lives can be felt by everyone.

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“By holding the space, guiding me and pushing my limits, MICH is enabling me to grow. It brings light to how being caught in my own belief system has led to disease. Awareness of unconscious reflexes is bringing wellness and lightness of being.”

Anne Landry, MBA, CFA

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