History of Medicine and Homeopathy


Discover the Wisdom of the Ancients

ayurvedic_pulse-diagnosis-artMedicine is an art and a science with a long and fascinating history dating back to the Ancient Egyptian Dynasties, early Chinese and Indian civilizations, and, in the west, to the ancient Greeks.  These ancient civilizations possessed means that allowed them to discover, and precisely trace the meridian system, for example, with its thousands of nadis or acupuncture points. They developed an energetic map of the flow of vitality, which remains accurate, and is still taught over 4000 years later. Over 5000 years ago, Egyptians knew of and expertly administered almost 1/3 of the medicines we know of today.  These civilizations possessed an understanding of the vital force that surpasses ours.

These ancient masters practiced a medicine that worked with the innate healing powers of the living organism in a holistic, individualized way. These traditional medicines held understanding that allowed them to understand the requirements of the healing process, and how each individual is unique within that process. Traditional approaches held what homeopathy still holds: they were holistic, individualized and integrative. They were everything that today’s medical schools wish they could teach.

Shift your Medical Paradigm

On this captivating adventure through time, civilizations, politics, and economics find out why current western medical practices focus on disease without getting to the underlying cause, and why physicians are trained to offer drugs or surgical treatment without addressing the true cause of disease. Find out about the false assumptions involved in many current medical theories, as well as the inaccurate information and misleading statistics that have distorted, and continue to distort our perceptions.

The goal of this course is to turn the current approach inside out, offering an understanding of the vast number of solutions to disease prevention and treatment that are embedded in how our organisms operate as a whole, in our lives as a whole, and not what drugs we take.

hippocratic-oath-1Follow the Path of Homeopathy

Discover the ancient roots of Homeopathy, as it was described by Hippocrates, the father of western medicine. Homeopathy occupied a central role in the foundation of early western medicine in 500BC, after the ancient Greeks had invaded Egypt.

Discover its intriguing history, the genius of Dr. Hahnemann and his colleagues, who were esteemed researchers and medical doctors. Enjoy the personal stories of the medical doctors who were converted to Homeopathy due to their personal experiences with dramatic cures: occurring in their own organism!

The Future: Third Milennium Medicine

HahnemannHomeopathy was taught in every medical school in the world at the turn of the century, and still is the favoured area of specialization in many countries, where homeopathic hospitals, like the one that flourished in Montreal until the 1950s, still operate.

It is timely for homeopathy to be recognized and take its rightful place as the medicine of the new millennium. As the integration of leading edge homeopathy and leading edge research begins to emerge, plausible explanations of its nature and actions begin to unfold. The principles laid out by Hahnemann are valid and sound when seen in the light of Quantum Physics and field theory, Evolutionary theory and Holism, and the most recent explanations as to the causes of chronic disease.

More and more of Hahnemann’s futuristic vision can finally be vindicated with recent research. Rather than undermine his proposals,  this century’s discoveries have served to reinforce and more fully develop his insights. Hahnemann’s genius and Homeopathy shines even more brightly in the light of current findings.



The History of Medicine and Homeopathy is a course of great interest to anyone who wants to know more about about the history and the future direction of medicine and homeopathy.  This is a required course for the MICH Diploma Program and all professional homeopaths.


• Online self study course
• Six units with quizzes
• Pre-recorded presentations by Carla Marcelis
• Online classroom for student-teacher and student-student discussions/questions


• Start anytime you want (no fixed start date for this class)


• $300


• Open to the public
• Required course for MICH program (Diploma Training)
• No pre-requisites required


• 3 CEUs (29 credits)


• Carla Marcelis DHom, N.D.


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