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holistic health diploma, homeopathy, holism, nutrition, wellness, naturopathy, distance learning, mentorship


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holistic health diploma, homeopathy, holism, nutrition, wellness, naturopathy, distance learning, mentorship

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Join MICH Founder, Judyann McNamara for a special open house webinar

This is your opportunity to meet Judyann, our founder, Homeopath, Naturopath, and Quantum physicist to discover what it means to learn, grow and study at MICH.  Learn more, or register now.

Cosmic Human will introduce the process of unfolding at the edge of evolution and how a MICH Holistic practice is consistent with the true and essential nature of reality as revealed through quantum biology, leading edge medical science, traditional healing, spirituality and intuitive knowing.


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holistic health diploma, homeopathy, holism, nutrition, wellness, naturopathy, distance learning, mentorship


When can I start the program?

Students can begin at any time. 

Why a double diploma program? I only want one. (I just want to be a naturopath, or I’m only interested in the training to become a homeopath)

MICH is committed to preparing students to hold an effective holistic practice that can pull from a broad pool of resources in order to truly individualize the care provided to offer a full complement to conventional medicine. To learn more about this, we encourage you to watch the recorded webinar ‘Join the revolution in Healthcare‘ or to contact an advisor.

What is the Foundation Level?

The foundation  level of the program can be taken on it’s own, or alongside Level One.  The Foundation Level courses and mentorship componenet must be completed before enrolling in Level Two.

How long does it take to complete the entire program?

The suggested timeline for the program is outlined below, but depending on your previous studies and your personal study pace, the program may be completed in more or less time.

  • Foundation & Level 1 – 12 to 24 months*
  • Level 2 – 12 month
  • Level 3 – 18 months

*As successful completion of the Foundation level is not required for enrollment in Level One, these levels may be taken simultaneously but should be completed within 24 months of initial enrollment to the program.  Ask your admissions advisor for information on how to enroll for both levels right away.

Where can I find more information about tuition and fees?

All of the details about tuition and fees are available on the diploma program brochure.  If you have any questions,  schedule a meeting with us at a time that works for you or call us at (514) 486-2716 or email us at info@michmontreal.com.  We’d love to hear from you!

I already work as a holistic health practitioner (osteopath, naturopath, etc…).  How can I benefit from the training at MICH? 

Many practitioners come to MICH because they know there is a deeper level from which to work with their clients.  At MICH they discover how to access that deeper level, and are able to bring a truly holistic, global approach to their work.  See our student testimonials for more info.

What about accreditation and continuing education credits?

MICH upholds the highest standards of accreditation locally, nationally and internationally.   Visit this page for more information.

Can I just register for foundation courses one at a time instead of  registering for the package?

Yes.  It’s possible to get started by signing up as an independent student, however, you’ll lose out on the one-on-one facilitation and mentorship that a program student has access to. If at any time you would like to transfer your independent studies towards the double diploma program, contact us to find out how.

Don’t see your question?

Call us at (514) 486-2716 or email info@michmontreal.com





Don’t take our word for it.  Hear from graduates about their own MICH experience and how studying with us changed their paradigm and allowed them to work in a deeply profound way with their clients.

“MICH provided me with a profound understanding of  the human being in both health and disease.”

Claudia Fentanes, M.D.

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holistic health diploma, homeopathy, holism, nutrition, wellness, naturopathy, distance learning, mentorship

  1. Application is quick and easy and offers you the opportunity to schedule a personal interview right away.
  2. Upon acceptance, enrollment information is provided.
  3. Once enrolled, a student gains access to the program gateway which includes all of the Foundation Level (or Foundation and Level One) courses as well as the mentorship component of the program:  one on one meetings with teachers and personal facilitators.

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“By holding the space, guiding me and pushing my limits, MICH is enabling me to grow. It brings light to how being caught in my own belief system has led to disease. Awareness of unconscious reflexes is bringing wellness and lightness of being.”

Anne Landry, MBA, CFA

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“MICH has changed my life by professionalizing my passion.

Ida Reda, ND, DHom

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