Holistic Health Training Programs and Online Courses

MICH is an accredited school for holistic health training in homeopathy, naturopathy and facilitating holistic consciousness in Canada. Our diploma program consists of online courses and  personal mentorship that will prepare you for a career in natural health . Upon successful completion of the program you will be rewarded with Diplomas in Homeopathy and Naturopathy – the two central pillars of complementary therapy as well as a third Diploma in Holistic Practice.

For complementary medicine practitioners interested in continuing education, and who may already have a diploma or certificate in nutrition, osteopathy, or massage therapy, our training will provide you with the ability to work with your clients in a truly holistic way, which increases the efficacy of your practice and brings depth to your therapeutic interventions and relationships.

If you’re interested in self development, this program provides an all encompassing way to change your paradigm and lifestyle.

For more information about the full program, download the Guide to a Career in Holistic Health today.

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Holistic Health Training Programs

Holistic Health Training Programs

Our program offers full accreditation training, or personal and professional development for holistic practitioners who want to build on their practice.  This unique distance program is one that allows great flexibility with online courses combined with an individualized learning experience which comes from one on one mentorship and clinical supervision.

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Holistic Nutrition Online Courses

Holistic Health Training Courses

Our online courses are a great way to support your holistic lifestyle, to take your first steps into training as a holistic health professional, or to get started with the diploma program. These self study courses are supported by webinars and group forums that let you learn at your own pace alongside a community of like minded people.

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Application and Registration

Apply online for the program and start as soon as you like.  Upon enrollment we will meet with you to help you plan your study schedule and book your first academic and facilitation mentorship sessions.

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Student Life

Students are at the core of what makes studying, growing and connecting so dynamic.  Learn about MICH from the student perspective, about our graduates and MICHPA – the professional association founded by students in 2010 to provide a supportive environment for the continued professional development of the MICH homeopaths. Learn more about student life at MICH

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Accredited Holistic Health School

According to the major organizations responsible for homeopathic accreditation,  effective education in homeopathic practice takes a minimum of three to four years of full time study at a diploma or degree level.  They emphasize the importance of face-to-face experience, classroom and independent study, and personal supervision in the form of apprenticeship, all of which MICH meets or exceeds the criteria required. Find out more about accreditation

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The MICH faculty is made up of a small group of individuals who come from complementary backgrounds, but with common interests: holism and homeopathy. All MICH teachers hold a holistic understanding of the human condition, and the transpersonal nature of homeopathic practice. Learn more about MICH faculty…

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