MICH Homeopaths can treat any age, illness, or area of difficulty, whether it be mental, emotional, or physical. Outlined here are some examples of the many areas in which homeopathy can support you. MICH Homeopaths help you identify your core issues and recover your well-being, regardless of your age or illness.

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Are you planning to start a family? Have you been trying to get pregnant for some time now? Are you pregnant and having undesirable symptoms? Perhaps you are pregnant and feel ill but are indecisive about taking drugs that may affect your unborn child.

As you think of delivery, do you have questions about the procedures and treatments automatically given in hospitals and whether there are alternatives? Have you had prior complicated pregnancies or deliveries and worry about the next outcome? These are just some of the questions homeopathy can address.

Homeopathic remedies are a gentle safe medicine for you and your unborn child. They can assist both of you through the changes brought about by every stage of pregnancy and birth. There are well known protocols for using homeopathy to reduce traumatic induced symptoms, and speed up the healing during and following the birthing process. (1)

Many symptoms of fertility, pregnancy, and labour are considered common to most mothers-to-be, however, there are differences in how each individual experiences these symptoms. In homeopathy we understand the individuality of experience, and in this way, provide support that is customized to your organism’s specific needs. The beauty of homeopathic treatment is that it does no harm to you or your unborn child; there are no undesirable side effects, no complications when taken together with conventional medicine, and no worries of future effects on the developing child.

Quite the opposite, with homeopathy, you can be assured of a multitude of long lasting beneficial effects for both of you during all stages of the birthing process. It is never too early or too late during the obstetric process to use homeopathy. Whether you choose conventional hospital birth, natural home birth, or midwife-assisted birth, your homeopath can guide you – and those assisting you – to the beneficial use of homeopathy.

Sources: (1)Oberbaum M, et al. The effect of the homeopathic remedies Arnica montana and Bellis perennis on mild post-partum bleeding – a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study – preliminary results. Complementary Therapies in Medicine 2005; 13:87-90

Chronic Conditions


Chronic Pain


Chronic pain is defined as pain associated with a particular type of injury or disease that persists longer than the expected course of natural healing.

Pain is a complex and subjective phenomenon that cannot be objectively measured. Because pain is subjective in nature and is defined by the person experiencing it, the medical community’s understanding of chronic pain now includes the impact that the mind has in processing and interpreting pain signals.

The present evidence in medical literature reveals that understanding the whole individual and especially the personal experience of pain is necessary for successful treatment of the person’s “dis-ease”.

The future of pain management and healing is in a holistic approach. The homeopathic process is designed to facilitate a holistic understanding of the individual and of their personal experience of pain and dis-ease.

Through the person’s perception and subjective expression of his/her symptoms, a state comes to light that is at the root of the physical, mental and emotional elements of the dis-ease. Homeopathy is designed to address this general state of the whole person and treat it successfully in a life-supporting way.

A two year German study published in 2009 (1) showed that homeopathy is effective in reducing chronic pain, increasing people’s quality of life while decreasing their need for conventional pain medication and medical care in general.

In this study, people who had previously been dissatisfied with conventional medical treatments were followed by a classically trained homeopath. No protocols were used; instead, people received individualized homeopathic care.

Homeopathy is most useful in cases of people suffering any symptoms and dysfunctions (chronic pain and other mental, emotional, or physical indications of these) that arise from the inability of the organism to regain homeostasis. It aids every organism in a way unique to that organism, to regain homeostasis to the best of its ability.

Sources: (1) Ref.: Witt, C. et al. Homeopathic Treatment of Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain: A Prospective Observational Study With 2 Years’ Follow-up. Clinical Journal of Pain: May 2009 – Volume 25 – Issue 4 – pp 334-339



In “the third age” (that is, 50 years old and up), many changes are experienced in the body and the mind. Depending on our ability to adapt, life can continue to be full and rewarding — or it can become challenging.

Homeopathic sessions and homeopathic remedies help the individual in the third age to integrate changes and enjoy their life to a fuller capacity. The following is a case example from a MICH homeopath, which illustrates how a change can be facilitated by homeopathy.

As a result of a bad fall that left her with a broken hip, MICH client Mrs Jones was placed in a residence for seniors. The move to a new neighbourhood was disorienting and she found it very difficult to accept her new dependence on others. Mrs Jones felt this residence was not her home and repeatedly tried to leave. After several sessions with her homeopath, her core energy was matched to a homeopathic remedy (See “How Homeopathy Works”). Mrs Jones found that she became more accepting of the residence and even started to assist other residents of the home who had challenges with mobility.

Mrs Jones was able to adapt to her change once her vital energy was no longer blocked. Her life energy now focused on what pleased her, which was helping others, and she began to enjoy her new home. Her homeopathic session and remedy helped to adjust her mental and emotional state in order to accept and integrate what had been for her, a very intense life change.

Medical Treatment


Homeopathy has been shown to help reduce side effects of medication, specifically chemotherapy and radiotherapy in people with cancer. The Cochrane Collaborative, in a paper published in 2009, confirmed that homeopathy does not interfere with conventional cancer treatments and also showed the efficacy of Calendula in preventing skin injury during radiotherapy for breast cancer (1).

Other studies have also shown fewer side effects and faster recuperation in people under homeopathic treatment. Some physicians are noticing these benefits in their patients who see a homeopath while undergoing treatment and are starting to refer: Lucille Marchand, M.D., for example, who is clinical director of Integrative Oncology at the University of Wisconsin’s Paul P. Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center, is quoted as saying, “I send them to a well-trained practitioner in homeopathy whom I trust, one who has had positive results with my patients.”(2)

Homeopathy is energy medicine and has an indirect effect on the physical body through its action on the vital force. Homeopathic remedies are prepared through a laboratory process of dilution and potentization, which progressively decreases the amount of original substance until there is nothing remaining but an energetic signature (See “What’s in a Homeopathic Remedy?” and, “How Homeopathy Works”). This energy remedy does not interact with pharmaceutical medications, making it safe to use homeopathy in conjunction with Western medical treatments, be they pharmaceutical, surgical or radio-therapeutical (radiation).

Sources: 1. Kassab S et al. Homeopathic medicines for adverse effects of cancer treatments (Review), Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2009, Issue 2. Medical News Today, Homeopathic Meds Can Coexist With Conventional Cancer Treatment, 15 Apr 2009.



Homeopathy is a powerful system of medicine which provides support to children through the many stages of childhood development. These stages involve a movement towards greater independence and the defining of a separate self. Homeopathy offers a wide range of remedies aimed at supporting the body’s own healing response towards childhood illnesses and at the same time allows the child to move through the disease rather than suppressing it.

For parents who are concerned about side effects related to medication, homeopathy is a safe, effective alternative with no side effects. Through the homeopath’s questioning and the mother’s observations, a remedy can be found to alleviate the child’s discomfort. Remedies such as Chamomilla are renowned for their immediate effect on cranky, teething babies. Not only is the teething process greatly eased, the baby returns to his or her normal happy state in minutes.

Those who claim that homeopathy works through a placebo effect have their theory disproved by the fact that children of a certain age are not cognizant of what they are being treated for. Homeopathy’s effectiveness in the rapid easing of symptoms speaks for itself. Homeopathy is a gentle means of supporting a child in his or her development through disease and in building a healthy body for years to come.

Mental Health


Homeopathy does not separate physical disease from mental/emotional or psychiatric disease. In homeopathy, we address the state of the person and not the disease. This is why homeopathy is particularly helpful in supporting a person through a mental health crisis. Homeopathy’s success in mental health disorders has also been well documented. (1)

Every homeopathic consultation brings out a picture based on the individual’s unique expression and experience of symptoms and life events. The homeopathic case taking process solicits a totality of what is out of balance and disturbing the person at that deep, unconscious level of the vital energy. This whole picture is matched to the known energetic signature of remedy. (2)

Homeopathy can even provide a basis to understand psychiatric illness. As with all clients, in psychiatric clients we look at the state of the person, the inner story. This inner story can show itself at the surface, or can stay deep within. It can be so loud and intense that it takes over the whole expression of the person and determines the person’s experience of life to the point that it becomes impossible for the person to function in our society. Within us all we carry a susceptibility to become mentally unstable and cross into the somewhat artificial boundary of mental disorder, be it a behavioral problem, depression or schizophrenia. There is a spectrum of intensity of expression that is also found in the various homeopathic remedies.

Sources: (1) see especially: Christopher Johannes & Harry E. van der Zee (ed.). Homeopathy and Mental Health Care: Integrative Practice, Principles and Research. Homeolinks Publishers, 2010.

(2) See “How Homeopathy Works” under “About Homeopathy”



Travelling means adapting to motion, time changes, a different climate, different foods, different insects and endemic diseases. Homeopathy is the medicine of choice to naturally help your body adapt to new circumstances and environments.

Homeopathy can reduce the effects of jetlag, the emotions and fears often associated with travel, motion sickness and nausea on your journey. And, a small travel kit can be made to help with the unwelcome but unpredictable surprises such as bites, bee stings, bruises, cold & flu, constipation, cuts, dehydration, diarrhea, heat rash, sunburn and bites.

When going to exotic places, homeopathy can help you cope with the micro-organisms that are unfamiliar to your body.

MICH homeopaths can help you create an easy carry kit with the best chosen combination of homeopathic remedies to support you while you are away depending on where you are going, what activities you plan to engage in and what types of ailments you and your family tend to suffer from.



Homeopathy isn’t only for people! It is a powerful and gentle healing modality for all pets and livestock including dogs, cats, birds, gerbils, ferrets, cows and horses. Fish can be treated by dropping homeopathic remedies into their tanks.

Homeopathy is often more effective than allopathic medicines for problems ranging from allergic reactions and trauma to chronic disease. It induces a curative healing effect in the whole organism of the animal, as opposed to giving medications that only address specific physical symptoms. For example, steroids such as cortisone will suppress inflammation or itching, but these symptoms return after the medication is discontinued. Through their deep curative action on the whole organism, homeopathic remedies can help the animal’s symptoms to subside completely and often permanently.

Some of the diseases for which homeopathy and holistic care have been helpful include but are not limited to: arthritis, autoimmune diseases, behavioural disorders, cancer, diarrhoea, paralysis, diabetes, and various infections. By the nature of their preparation, there are no unwanted side effects to the medications. Homeopathy is safe to use on neonates, geriatrics and during pregnancy.

By observing and interacting with your animal, and listening to your input and observations, a MICH homeopath can assess your pet and provide individualized treatment. Homeopathy can also help your pet adapt to new circumstances such as a new home, children or other pets.

Our homeopaths can help you create a homeopathic first aid kit which would include such remedies as Apis for insect stings or bite wounds with swellings that are very puffy, Ledum (from Marsh Tea) when they are cold to the touch, or Hypericum (from St. John’s Wort) when they are tender to the touch. With other remedies you can treat your pet for indigestion after a midnight raid of the garbage bin or stealing the cheesecake left on the counter. With a few guidelines, a MICH homeopath can help you save money on veterinary bills.



Menopause is the third most frequent reason for women to consult a homeopath.(1) Symptoms such as hot flushes, tiredness and sleep disturbances can interfere greatly with a woman’s well being and make it difficult for her to carry out her daily activities. She may be worried if the physical changes will impact her relationships at home and at work. For many women, this is also a time in their lives of great changes: for example her children may be leaving home or she may be required to take care of aging parents. Homeopathy will bring more to a woman’s life than the relief of physical symptoms: it will help her adjust easily to the changes that are occurring in her life.

Homeopathy is a safe and gently system of medicine. On the other hand, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been shown to carry risks to health and many women choose not to take these hormones. Other women have had severe side effects from HRT and are intolerant to hormonal treatments. Homeopathy has shown to be effective to relieve women from menopausal symptoms. In a study, 82% of clients reported improvement of hot flushes and sweats, tiredness, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, mood swings and headaches, after homeopathic treatment.(2)

Another study showed that 88% of women who participated had clinically significant improvement of their symptoms of headaches, tiredness, hot flushes, locomotor symptoms and sleeping difficulties.(3)

Sources: (1) Relton, C. Homeopathy for women with menopausal symptoms: a review of the evidence. Homeopathy Research Institute Newsletter. Issue 3, January 2009. (2) Relton, C. NHS. Homeopathy Menopause Service. Outcome study. (3) Thomas KJ, Luff D, Strong P. Complementary Medicine Service in a Community Clinic for Patients with Symptoms Associated with the Menopause: Outcome and Service Evaluation. ScHARR, University of Sheffield, 2001.

Other Medications


A homeopathic remedy contains no material substance. What is used is only the energetic signature extracted from the original substance and imprinted on the water molecules. This means that homeopathy can be taken alongside any prescribed medication, without any contra-indications. It does not act on the body in a chemical way, and so does not interfere with any prescribed medication.

This differentiates homeopathy from herbology, which uses material amounts of substances, and so has a chemical effect on specific areas of function in the body, and must be very carefully monitored if you are on medication.

This also differentiates homeopathy from the modern practice of many naturopaths who prescribe vitamin pills and other substances, which could easily interfere with medication.

Homeopathy will assist your body to restore its health during or after any imbalance, disease, or appearance of signs or symptoms. Because homeopathy acts on the entire organism, it has the same supportive effect on the mind, emotions and state of the individual. It is specific to you, regardless of the pathology present. It works on a much deeper level of organization in the organism.

On its own, it can help your body heal from any form of disease. But, it is also a completely safe complement to any and all conventional medical treatments. Using homeopathy concurrently with medical treatments will ensure that your body restores homeostasis on its own, and regains its original strength and vigor. This usually results in a reduction or elimination of your need or dependency on pharmaceutical drugs. This decision is made between you and your prescribing doctor, when blood results and your general state of well being is clearly re-established.

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