An Ancient Medicine with

Quantum Effects

Over 200 years ago, Dr. Samuel Hahenmann systemized the ancient practice of extracting the energetic signature of natural sources to resonate with the ‘vital force’ or ‘vital field’ of the individual.

The mechanism by which these energetic extractions elicit miraculous healings remained a mystery until the advent of Quantum Physics and the understanding that everything, down to the smallest atom owes its particular characteristics and behavior to ‘Field Properties’. Consistent with this new vision, research in Biology, and in particular, Quantum Biology has confirmed the existence of an underlying field of organization which informs and directs the activities of cells and of organisms. Quantum phenomena are associated with metabolic processes, the sense of smell, photosynthesis, the action of our mitochondria, and many processes fundamental to life. These energetic or quantum processes are the basic regulators of substance, directing the life force and therefore the biochemistry of every organism. Every metabolic activity of the body as in, for example, the act of digestion, is also a complex subatomic activity. In the example of digestion, and converting food to energy, the subatomic activity is the Kreb’s cycle. The same can be said of activity in the nervous system, such as the activation of the synapse between nerve endings.

Living beings have field properties (a.k.a. the Vital field) which inform and direct the activities of every cell in the organism. Homeopathy holistically supports the realignment and renewed coherency of the Vital Field, restoring the body to its natural state of homeostasis and health.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann coined the term homeopathy in the early 1800’s, long before science had begun to explain energy, waveforms, and quantum physics. Hahnemann’s discovery of the dynamic qualities of disease and of a way to dynamize remedies through potentization is a legacy that we are fortunate to inherit. Homeopathy addresses the most fundamental level of organization within the organism: the vital field (see: What’s in a Homeopathic Remedy?).

An Energetic Tuning Fork

A homeopathic remedy operates as a sort of “tuning fork” for an organism’s vital field. Every tuning fork is designed to resonate at a specific frequency. When a note on an instrument and a tuning fork are struck at the same time, the musician’s trained ear listens for dissonance, or disturbance, caused by mismatched frequencies of the waveforms. The instrument is then adjusted until the frequency of the note matches the frequency of the tuning fork – which is heard as a harmonious matching of waveforms and the disappearance of dissonance.

The Role of the Homeopath

The homeopath seeks to identify the core issue that is causing a disturbance in the body. Because of the deep level and individualized nature of the homeopathic process, finding a perfect match of disease-state and remedy requires a deep exploration of the subjective experience of the individual. The client and homeopath participate in a collaborative relationship. A MICH Homeopath listens non-judgementally, with unconditional acceptance and compassion. The practitioner experiences the client as a whole person in a particular context, not just as a disease category. Illness, pain, even the dying process are considered as opportunities to find greater wholeness and understanding.

The role of the homeopath is to guide you through a discovery of your deepest inner nature which focuses on the energetic roots of your problem or challenge.  Through an exploration of your experience of your symptoms, the process brings to light recurrent psycho-emotional themes which will identify the exact remedy to support your healing process and re-establish equilibrium in your organism. Our unique method of homeopathic practice addresses a wide range of both severe acute and chronic disorders that are mental, physical, or emotional in nature.

The Result of the Homeopathic Process

Because homeopathy acts on the whole system, when a simillimum – or match – is found, changes are felt on all levels, not only at the site of the symptoms. Clients feel better physically and emotionally. Their attitude shifts towards greater optimism, their mental clarity increases and they have more energy.

The vital energy that was caught in the disturbance is released and liberated, and a new level of vitality and health emerges on every level of being.  During this subtle yet profound process, we are working together as collaborators and partners, to serve the whole person.  The body rebalances, and the mind is freed, with a renewed sense of purpose in the individual. General well being increases, and relating to life becomes more meaningful.


If you’re interested in learning about current research about homeopathy and how it works, review the articles under Research and Abstracts or Quantum Biology and Mitochondrial Research on our articles page.  You can also read Carla’s blog post about how Cuba is eradicating leptospirosis with homeopathy, visit the Canadian Consumers Center for Homeopathy to read their selection of homeopathy’s best research.

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