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Make a tax deductible donation before June 30, 2019 – enter  ‘Htsf’ or ‘Honduras project’ in the comments on the donation page


In 2019, the Honduras Project needs your help more than ever. Your donation will contribute to:

– Maintaining the current homeopathic health center in Valle de Angeles.

– Installation of a laboratory to ensure that remedies can be made in Honduras and available locally.

– Ensuring that the direct care, homeopathic training and coordination is continued through this year’s missions.

– Continued support of the devoted local staff in Honduras.

MICH Faculty member Carla Marcelis will be continuing her missions to Honduras throughout 2019 and we need your support more than ever. She has been key in setting up new clinics in small, remote towns who have little access to healthcare, let alone affordable access and is dedicated to continuing the success of previous missions. Since 2017, various MICH faculty, alumni and student interns volunteered their expertise and join Carla for 2 or more weeks at a time – testament to the sense of community that MICH fosters, and it’s dedication to providing educational and practical opportunities for MICH graduates and students.

The Honduras project needs all the help you can offer!

Please give generously – click here for details of how your donation will help.

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Learn first aid homeopathy

Not ready to join the mission, but  interested in learning homeopathy for yourself?

Don’t miss this opportunity to study first aid homeopathy with Carla in this self-guided online course with 2 live webinars.

The course introduces the principles of homeopathy as a system of medicine and describes some 40 remedies that can be used around the home for yourself, your family and even your pets.

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About the Honduras Mission

Learn more about what MICH and HTSF accomplish while on a mission.

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How Your Donations Help

Find out how your donations help: from missions to infrastructure, your support counts!

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Mission Photo Gallery

Take a look at the photos of our past missions in our photo gallery.

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