About the HTSF & Honduras Missions

HTSF (Homeopaths of “Terre sans Frontières”, literally “World without Borders”) is a Quebec charitable organization supporting the poorest populations in the developing world to have access to effective, affordable and accessible health care.


First Line Help & Community Training

HTSF uses a specific group of remedies that addresses many basic health concerns. This “first line” basic homeopathic approach is easy to learn and saves lives because it can prevent diseases from becoming more serious.

Teaching these “first line” homeopathic remedies to community leaders is part of HTSF’s mandates to support the local population in becoming more autonomous in health care services.

HTSF has been working for about 15 years in Honduras with the farmers in the mountainous regions around Tegucigalpa. Medical care was mostly not available and there were no medical solutions to many common health problems. Homeopath Martine Jourde, the founder of HTSF and the genius behind the remedies that are used so effectively in the HTSF projects, has been leading missions to this region for all these years, ensuring continuity of care to the population and training of community leaders.


Chagas Research

One of the most widespread health problems in Honduras (and most of Latin America) is Chagas disease, affecting almost 80% of the Honduran population and for which no effective medical treatment exists. Chagas disease is caused by a parasite transmitted by an insect that commonly lives and breeds under the thatched roofs of houses in Central and South America. Through intense fundraising, HTSF and Martine Jourde managed to obtain sufficient funds to establish a small laboratory in Honduras to monitor the presence of Chagas disease and the efficacy of the homeopathic intervention and prevention proposed to the population. This important work is now being duplicated in other Latin American countries.


Essential Clinical Training

Homeopaths trained in the Western world visit Honduras for two-week missions to experience practicing homeopathy in a challenging clinical setting. The days are filled with consultations with adults, babies and children of all ages with acute, or chronic problems, including accidents, tropical diseases, common childhood diseases, etc. Witnessing first-hand the efficacy of homeopathic intervention to such a broad spectrum of clinical cases is a unique opportunity. The experience is as professionally valuable to the homeopath with many years of practice, as to one just starting out. Homeopaths also find it rewarding and meaningful to help create a culture where homeopathic intervention is part of the norm. MICH is collaborating with HTSF to help support the clinic in Honduras and to provide graduates and interns with the opportunity to have a uniquely enriching experience. A recent mission was made up of several MICH graduates. Visit our blog for updates from our graduates.


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