Support the HTSF Honduras Clinics

The Clinics in Honduras requires a year round Honduran staff person for continuity, materials for the laboratory and infrastructure such as water, electricity and Internet for its operations. There is a small income from clinic visits and the long-term goal is for the clinic to be financially autonomous. However, at this time, it requires a minimal financial support for basic operations.

Support a MICH Homeopath HTSF Volunteer

Homeopaths trained in the Western world visit Honduras for two-week missions to experience practicing homeopathy in a clinical setting. The days are filled with consultations with adults, babies and children of all ages with acute, or chronic problems, including accidents, tropical diseases, common childhood diseases, etc. Witnessing first-hand the efficacy of the homeopathic intervention to such a broad spectrum of clinical cases is a unique opportunity. The experience is as professionally valuable to the homeopath with many years of practice, as to one just starting out. Homeopaths also find it rewarding and meaningful to help create a culture where homeopathic intervention is part of the norm.

Items to donate for the Missions

Let us know if you can donate the following items (should be new, or if used, clean and in good condition)

•  clothing/T-shirts, especially youth sizes (9-15 yo)
•  baseball caps, other caps and visors, sunglasses
•  sweaters, socks, hats, gloves in all sizes (children, youths and adults)
•  reading glasses
•  flip-flops or light-weight tennis shoes
•  office supplies (printer paper, note blocks, pens, pencils, other)


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