Preparations are ongoing for our next missions to Honduras in 2017
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If you would like to help, the team is in need of the items listed below.  If you can help, please drop off what you can at the MICH center in the weeks prior to the trip.  (Specific dates and times for drop off will be announced.) 

Items needed for this trip
  • Sunglasses
  • Reading glasses
  • Baseball caps
  • Multi vitamins for kids
  • Calcium-magnesium supplements
  • Natural antibacterial hand cleaner
  • Natural all-purpose cleaner
  • Bandaids
  • Paper towels
  • Brown absorbent paper towels
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cleaning cloths (chiffons)
  • Saran plastic wrap
  • Rubber gloves
  • Large menstrual pads
  • Q-tips
  • Tooth picks
  • Skin tape clear (pharmacy)
  • Microporous tape (pharmacy)
  • Zip lock bags 4×6, 1L
  • Plastic grocery bags
  • We can also always use new or (like new) small toys, colouring paper, construction paper, markers.

If you would like to donate any of these items, please contact the team leader at carla@michmontreal.com and stay tuned to future announcements about this mission.


Living quarters for the team
Living quarters for the team

Missions to Honduras are unique opportunities to gain experience dealing with emergencies and first line health care in a clinical setting.  Improve your homeopathic knowledge and skills, develop self-confidence and advance your professional practice by joining one of the upcoming 2 week missions.

Interns and homeopaths become more experienced through this intense level of involvement in care. Each mission contributes to the professional development of homeopathy both socially and collectively as a valid modality of treatment and prevention.


Homéopathes de Terre Sans Frontières HTSF planning 3 missions to Honduras in 2017 to establish new clinics in communities and to return to already established clinics.


The next mission is planned for:


On this mission we are hoping some Ontario homeopaths will be joining us, in order to train them among others for future HTSF projects. Below is a link to the invitation letter which has much of the information you need and the application form. If you are interested, you can submit the application form, as well as a current c.v. and a letter of intent outlining why you would like to go on this mission, what you would like to achieve and why we should choose you as part of the team. The mission leaders will contact suitable candidates for an interview and they will decide on the final composition of the group which needs to have a balance of homeopaths/interns, of Spanish/ non-Spanish speakers and of support people.





Mission Objectives

– To provide homeopathic training to physicians, natural health professionals, care teams and healthcare promoters at the EDDRA, beginning with the first line of treatment using HTSF complexes; – To teach prophylactic protocols for Dengue fever and other seasonal epidemics; – Mission at the clinic: to provide care to mountain villages in the area surrounding Valle de Angeles; – Chagas project: continued care of people affected with Chagas

Clinical Training Credits

By going on a mission with MICH supervisors, you can earn clinical credits. The hours spent on the mission are translated into SOFEDUC equivalent university credits.

Criteria for Participation

Each mission will be made up of a total of 8-10 people, including mission leader(s). A mix of qualities will be looked at for each mission: number of professional homeopaths, number of interns, number of other practitioners, support people. Within this group, a good balance of fluent Spanish speakers (versus those with rudimentary Spanish) is essential as well.

1. In order to be a leader of the mission or a prescribing homeopath, one must be a professional homeopath in active professional practice for at least five years, and have a practice recognized by a professional association (such as SPHQ, NUPATH or NASH).

2. Must be a member of HTSF, and have paid their full fees to HTSF.

3. Any professional homeopath in practice, who is not recognized by an established professional association, such as the SPHQ in Quebec, may participate in an HTSF mission as a homeopathic intern.

4. Any other practitioner, such as naturopaths; or any intern who hasn’t completed his or her homeopathic studies, or a homeopath who is beginning his or her practice, may participate in an HTSF mission as a homeopathic intern.

5. Must support the general conditions of Terre Sans Frontières’ mission – TSF, the organization that provides logistics and administrative support to the missions. 6. Any homeopath or intern wishing to participate in an HTSF mission must prove to be of good will, by attempting to learn rudimentary Spanish, in order to understand a basic amount before departure, and must participate in the collective preparation and training sessions for the missions.

Important Dates

1. Deadline for donations (date to be announced)

Donations are needed urgently in order for them to be packed on (date to be announced).

2. Information Session (date to be announced)

Information session for everyone interested in a mission. Logistics and finances for each mission will be explained, and general information about the stay in Honduras. Time for questions and answers. Those interested in a mission will be asked to sign up officially and make a first down payment, to reserve their place.

Items to Donate

Let us know if you can donate the following items (should be new, or if used, clean and in good condition) clothing/T-shirts, especially youth sizes (9-15 yo) baseball caps, other caps and visors, sunglasses sweaters, hats, socks (children, youth and adult sizes) reading glasses flip-flops or light-weight tennis shoes office supplies


The organizing committee of the missions to Honduras is made up of Carla Marcelis (MICH Faculty) and Lise Raymond (MICH Alumni), who are mission leaders. For information on the missions, please contact MICH .





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