How the MICH Community Supports each Graduate

How the MICH Community Supports each Graduate

It was during the transformational training experienced at MICH that my colleagues and I were able to learn and shape our understanding in dynamic and exciting ways. Throughout our training, we received human-centered teachings that now guide our work as Homeopathic practitioners. The training offered by MICH was a time to deepen our appreciation for our profession and of the human journey through health and disease.

Organically, we were each able to be a part of creating the long-standing relationships that continue to be integral to our participation in the MICH community. Being a part of this vibrant community provides personal enrichment, and importantly as professionals, continued support and guidance. As a homeopath starting one’s practice, the benefits this community offers are invaluable.

MICH has offered continued clinical case supervision and case management courses each year since graduation. In this atmosphere of continued community learning, we have been able to deepen our understanding and expand our clinical experience. The teachings are contextualized within a transpersonal and holistic context, one that MICH embodies fully. These courses are also filled with new homeopathic understandings of provings, remedy groups and homeopathic advancements in various areas of practice.

As an evolving and active community, MICH has encouraged our success by providing numerous options, such as joining the MICH Professional Association (MICHPA), being listed on the MICH Professional directory, participating in missions to the MICH Honduras clinic, encouraging the submission of cases and articles, and by inviting graduates to represent MICH at tradeshows, conferences and public events.

Globally, MICH has been instrumental in providing us with a sense of belonging, mutual respect and care. Within this community, we remain committed to our own personal development, and together we remain open to continued learning and embrace the unfolding that transpires.

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Adam Fiore ND, D.Hom

Adam is a certified Homeopath and Naturopath, having completed his training at MICH, with additional training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Visit his website at or read more posts by Adam.

How the MICH Community Supports each Graduate

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