Information Session: Join us on the Journey

Information Session: Join us on the Journey


Sunday, May 27th, 2012

18h00 to 20h00
Free admission!

In this lecture, Judyann McNamara will explain how the MICH Method takes full advantage of the unique power of homeopathy to address the organism as a whole. This development is perfectly timed with recent research confirming that chronic disease is “systemic” and that a “whole organism” or “integrative” approach is absolutely necessary to cure chronic disease.

The MICH Method is a procedure of inquiry and exploration between a homeopath and their client, with clearly defined stages whereby the single, unique picture of what needs to be cured in a patient is discovered .The goal of the method is to completely individualize the anamnesis, diagnostic, treatment, and prognostic, and assure that they are at the same dynamic level on which the homeopathic potentized medicine acts.

Learn how, in the distinctive study of homeopathy taught at MICH, homeopathy comes alive with quantum physics and holism.Our students learn how to think, interact and listen holistically in an experiential setting where integration happens through multi-media presentations, live cases, inquiry exercises, and dialogues.

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[email protected]

1450 Guy Street, Montreal (QC) H3G 2W1
John Molson Building, Room MB.03.210, SP Building
7141 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (Québec), H4B 1R6
Room SP-S110

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Information Session: Join us on the Journey

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