Jan Scholten Receives Knighthood

Scholten knigtOn April 25, 2014, renowned homeopath Jan Scholten was decorated as Knight in the Dutch Order of Orange Nassau for services to homeopathy and to humanity.  It is well worth celebrating that a state body brings recognition to the important contributions made to society by this great homeopath and therefore, at the same time, shining a positive light on homeopathy itself!

The title of Knight in the Netherlands is reserved for Dutch citizens who have shown great dedication and selflessness in carrying out their activities. In the almost 30 years that Jan has been a homeopath, he has worked tirelessly and generously to create tools for other homeopaths, sharing his understanding of homeopathic remedies in the table of elements, researching new remedies (in remedy provings), and publishing and lecturing internationally to draw attention to the efficacy and scientific basis for homeopathy.

Our warm congratulations are extended to Jan Scholten and his family!

Thanks to Interhomeopathy.org for sharing the news and for providing the image.

Click here to read more about Jan Scholten and his contributions to homeopathy and the public.

Jan Scholten Receives Knighthood

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